Parents’ complaint online children’s pantyhose pictures are exposed thighs, Tmall customer service: will be verified and replaced

Intern Yang Caini Surging News reporter Yu Yan

“On the display map of the online store, the children’s pantyhose faded half of the pantyhose, and the skin of the legs was exposed, which was uncomfortable.”

On November 9th, Parent Ms. Meng broke the news to the surging news ( that on the evening of the 8th, she intends to buy pantyhose for her daughter and search for the keyword “Children’s Pastel Motory Woman” on Taobao. It is uncomfortable to show the Tmall store for “George Fairy Flagship Store”.

The children’s pantyhose displayed by the online shop is accused of inappropriate Taobao screenshots

Surging News found on the Taobao store “George Fairy Flagship Store” homepage. When the merchants show “girls’ pantyhose”, “children’s dance socks” and “children’s stockings” and other products, the two children in the picture faded half of pantyhose. The skin on the thigh is naked. In addition, when displaying the product “The hips are more comfortable”, use the close -up picture of the girl’s hip.

Ms. Meng believes that these display pictures are inappropriate, there is a possibility of infringing minors’ rights and interests, causing criminals to imagine.

Regarding the situation reported by Ms. Meng, on the 9th, the children’s clothing online shop customer service said, “It will be reflected up.” On the same day, a artificial customer service of Tmall Complaint Center 9510211 told Peng Mei News, “These pictures do have bad places.” She has recorded the relevant situation and will also contact merchants to verify and replace related pictures. The aforementioned customer service said, “This picture is not allowed.”

Ms. Meng said that she had reported the relevant situation to the merchant and Taobao platform, hoping to withdraw the pictures. But as of press time, Surging News found that the merchant did not make any modifications on the display picture in the online store.

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