27 sets of Korean girls street shots, warmth and fashionable, playful and handsome in early spring, really good -looking

Han Fan’s wear, compared to our daily wear, has more playful and handsome beauty. It is precisely because of Han Fan’s wear that we understand that in addition to being gentle and sweet, we can also be more handsome and playful. Different styles, pass the same beauty.

I believe there are many girls like Xiao Crazy, like playful and handsome Han Fan. Let ’s share with you 27 sets of Korean girls street shots. The warm and fashionable match is kept. It is also playful and handsome in early spring. It’ s really beautiful.

Soft glutinous and sweet sheep scissors jacket can also interpret the handsome and playful beauty. I thought this coat would only increase bloated and strong. Unexpectedly, Miss Korea can be so playful and exquisite.

Light khaki -colored sheep shear jacket, conventional straight version, overwate and trousers, have stronger tolerance, and the upper body is more natural and sweet. It is paired with a slim -fitting small black skirt. thin. The combination of black middle socks looks more slender and tall.


Of course, if the leg shape is not so superior, you can choose a short sheep shear jacket, with high -waisted straight white pants, which is also fresh and handsome. It is really sweet.


Miss Korean sister is always so comfortable and handsome. Casual items are particularly common in their wear. The gray casual windbreaker and the military green silhouette trench coat can make their wearing shapes more comfortable and handsome.

The combination of casual wind, the combination of sweaters and sports pants, in order to avoid bloated and fat. We can match the messenger backpack like a younger sister, and use the ratio of diagonal to weaken the visual bloated feeling, which looks more slim and light.

The military green trench coat, the silhouette cut, has a stronger tolerance, and is more fashionable. But this kind of silhouette cutting is not suitable for the small man. Only a tall woman can control it perfectly.

In fact, in the wear of Miss Korea, they will prefer neutral and high -grade colors. For example, khaki, hidden blue, caramel, and black and white gray are classic and advanced colors.

The presence of handsome and coolness has an inseparable relationship with the colors. Especially the elements of black systems are particularly common in Han Fan’s wearing. Short boots, coats, sweaters, half skirts, small black skirts, trench coats, sweaters, can choose low -key and deep black.


In the early spring season, black trench coats, suit jackets, and coats are particularly common. With short boots, the lines of the legs are naturally exposed, playful and sweet, handsome and delicate.


Want to increase the visual proportion and create a more eye -catching effect. The combination of contrasting color is also very common in the wear of Miss Korea. Black and white contrast, black and red contrasting color, the contrasting color of denim and black, and leopard elements can show stronger visual contrast.


Wearing early spring, I want to be more energetic. Just use the medium -long Hi -color coat combination of straight jeans and a red bottoming shirt inside. It is visually beautiful and eye -catching. It is also very lively and playful. If you want to be low -key and gentle, you can naturally choose the classic black and white color matching, extremely simple and particularly generous.

If you feel that a large area of ​​dark color is too dull and not suitable for the atmosphere of early spring, then it is also good to choose some light -colored combinations. For example, white and beige are relatively gentle and sweet colors. It is also very common in the matching of Miss Korea.

The beige sweater or sweater, combined with pure white pleated skirts, has more comfortable and comfortable beauty. Just put on a scarf on the neck, which is comfortable, natural, playful and sweet. And the light card color dress, as long as you choose a slightly thicker fabric, you can deal with the early spring season. It is also lively and playful with sports shoes.


Fashionable also has the aura to wear, and it must be handsome and handsome. At this time, it is necessary to pay more attention to the choice of clothing version, stiff and drooping fabrics, and three -dimensional and exquisite tailoring, which is the key to creating a high -level sense.

Cocoon -shaped coats, red -brown grid elements, have a more retro literary beauty, playful and age -reducing. The black coat of the straight tube, the tailoring of the slim body is even more handsome, with a hidden blue shirt and V -neck vest, with straight jeans, which is particularly handsome.

Personality and fashionable dress will definitely make your style more colorful in early spring. Short small coats, combined high -waisted skirts, irregular fishtail tailoring, more fashionable charm, with white square boots, exquisite and fashionable.

Slimed brown jackets, exquisite small black pants, with a pair of pointed high -heeled shoes, naturally improve the gas field. Fashionable and delicate. Of course, the wearing of a suit skirt has more fashionable places. A belt is tied to the waist, which has more delicate and stylish beauty.

The work style is more handsome. The light -colored match is more suitable for the atmosphere of early spring. Especially the combination of pants is neat and high. With a pair of short boots, the aura is full. Such a combination with Han Fan’s playfulness, fashionable and delicate.

The short sweater, with a high -waisted skirt, forms a more perfect three -seven ratio. With white sneakers, full of vitality, fashionable and handsome.


Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now do you know how to create a handsome and playful Han Fan dressing up? I will share the knowledge of fashion trends every day, please pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)

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