What is the role of modified wheel pads and flanges? Is it necessary to install?

Some friends who play cars need to be used after replacing the wheels of the car.

Wheel pads and flanges

, But what is the effect of these two things is not clear, and how to choose is a bit confused.


In this case, in order to make everyone playing more professional, the Monkey Monkey has come to do the science of dry goods for everyone!

01. Increase the reasons for the wheel pads and flange plates

Beautiful. After the car is modified, the increase in the wheel pads and flanges will make the coordination of the car and the hub tires better.

performance. The performance here focuses on the stability of the vehicle and the improvement of the vehicle’s over -curved side. In the case of increasing the same wheelbase, it does have a good stability improvement for the high speed and cornering of the car. Moreover, for drivers, the position of the hub tires of the car will feel better.

02. The role of flange plate and padding

1. Change the hole distance. There are four holes on the car wheels, and some are five holes. Some holes and holes are very different, and some are relatively small. At this time, there is a flange disk to connect the holes of the original car and the wheels.

2. Increase the space in the wheels. Generally speaking, when modification, such as the Greater Six Pistons, due to the limited space of the original wheel hub, it may not be coordinated after installation. At this time, there are two options, one is a wheel that replaces the low ET value, and the other is the pad France.

3. Change the elevation angle. Some cars can directly adjust the raising angle, while others are not working. At this time, you can put a chip of narrow and width, but this is a low -cost modification method, and there are not many people using it.


03. How to choose a pad or flange plate

1. The connection between the wheel and the wheel shaft mainly relies on their contact surface and the friction produced by the screws to ensure the correct connection between the wheel and the wheel axis. It will inevitably have a certain impact. Therefore, it is necessary to choose products with better materials and workmanship to ensure safety.


2. During the installation process, you must observe the padding or flange plate that can be completely fitted with the contact surface of the wheel and axis shaft, so as to make the increased pad or flange plate and the wheel and axis axis.

3. Brand guarantee, buying cushions or flange plates produced by the well -known modified brands. After all, big brands will have more design guarantees, strict testing processes, and reliable materials when developing these products.

04. Summary

In fact, if you can modify friends can do well in the choice of wheel hubs, this accessory will not appear basically. Therefore, if there is a case that must be put on the pad, the transformation monkeys think that the previous job is not done well, so this happens.

The most important point must be reminded of friends who play modified. When you buy a wheels, you must choose a manufacturer with a big brand. You must not care about driving safety!

MP is a high -performance modified wheel brand created by the Zhongnan vehicle for the after -sales market. The brand logo deforms from the shape of the letter “M” and the letters “P” simulation track, which means unwilling to be mediocre, not afraid of competition, excellence, and undefeated brand spirit.

For customers’ safety, we always take the first consideration! MP uses the industry’s advanced casting, machine plus, coating, and inspection equipment, and at the same time configures the full -automatic robotic operation platform and online monitoring and detection equipment to meet the production platform and quality control standards required by high -end OEM customers such as FAW Volkswagen. Fully reflect the quality concept of MP quality first and safe first.