Scientists have made a three -fold wooden knife that is more sharp than steel knives. Netizens: This is a problem for security testing.

Wooden knife and steel knife chopped each other, who was injured? You might say without thinking, do you still need to ask? I take a steel knife, you take a wooden knife, let’s try it?

You may be able to win the voucher before you let it go, but now, your unsatisfactory thinking may want your life, because scientists at the University of Maryland have developed a wooden knife, which is 3 times higher than the stainless steel knife. And The wood nail made with this kind of wood is also equal to or exceeded the steel nail.


This study comes from the team’s team of Li Teng. After special treatment of wood, they have increased the strength of the wood by 23 times after the special treatment of wood, which becomes harder than steel and extremely environmentally friendly high intensity. Materials have extremely attractive broad prospects.


The main component of wood is cellulose. According to the research of scientists, the strength density of cellulose exceeds most engineering materials such as ceramics, metals and alloy. The content of cellulose in wood is between 40%and 50%, and other components include semi -cellulose and lignin, which are low in content. But it is the hybrid of these materials that reduce the strength of the cellulose, and also make the wood into the object that anyone can bully.


What scientists have to do is to remove these weak ingredients and make cellulose burst all potential. To this end, they heated it to the solution of sodium hydroxide and sodium sodium sulfate to 100 degrees Celsius for 2 to 6 hours, and then rinsed with exfoliating water to remove most of the lignin and other chemicals. Elasticity, even some soft cellulose.

After that, the scientists used the heat compressor to compress the sample for 6 hours under the pressure of 20 MBA, and then heated to 105 degrees Celsius for drying. Finally, it was immersed in the food -grade oil for 48 hours, so that the surface of the wood was waterproof. “Wood” material with intensity. Under a microscope, scientists have found that the gaps, channels and pores after hardening are significantly reduced, which is the key to greatly improve the strength of the material.

Scientists make two hardening wooden knives with this material, one of which is parallel to the blade, and the other is perpendicular to the blade. The results show that both knives are much more sharp than steel -made knives and ordinary wooden knives. Scientists even use it to cut steak and taste delicious food.

Scientists also have this kind of wood to make wooden nails, and their strength has also reached or exceeded steel nails. The most interesting thing is that it does not rust, which means that its life span may be much longer than steel nails.


So do you really think that you have a steel knife and the opponent with such a wooden knife. Is there a complete chance of victory? The strength of the wooden knife is three times higher than the steel knife. Maybe you can really cut your steel knife two sections; and the wooden nails are stronger than the steel nails, maybe even the iron plate can be nailed.

This study is undoubtedly of great significance. Make production and living tools such as stainless steel and alloy such as metal tools requires huge energy to accelerate the warmth of the earth; and one -time plastic tableware needs to be completely degraded after 450 years. Causes huge pollution of the environment. Wood is a renewable economic material. Sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfate are also chemical chemicals. The manufacturing process is also at room temperature. It only needs to be heated to 100 degrees and 20 mega -nake pressure. Compared with smelting metals and burning ceramics, it can be said that it can be said to be able to Consumption is very low, but the intensity is higher than them. It can be said to be an economic and environmentally friendly, extremely excellent material. And the tool made of this material can be cleaned and reused like an ordinary knife. After blunt, it can also grind more sharply.

Scientists believe that this reinforcement wood can completely replace plastic, concrete and steel, and has a large number of applications in all aspects, and can even be made into scratch -resistant and wear -resistant flooring.


However, it is still difficult to imagine that the wood is made into a knife, and it can still be made into a nail. It may be even better than the steel nail. Some netizens are worried that this thing is about to pass the security check? Isn’t this a problem for security?

The research was published in the Matter magazine on October 20.

Matter/Hardnet Wood as a renewable alternative to Steel and Plastic