Is Hengjie Sanitary Ware toilet?

The toilet is an indispensable part of our daily life. However, the toilet is like ordinary appliances. Not only the brand is large and the quality and services of the products are different. Have you ever heard of Hengjie Sanitary Ware? But I want to introduce you to Hengjie toilet today. Many people will ask if Hengjie Sanitary toilet is good? How much do you know about the latest price of Hengjie Sanitary Ware? Let ’s take a look with Xiaobian.

How about Hengjie Sanitary Ware?

Hengjie Sanitary Ware is a brand in Guangdong. It has a history of 15 years since its establishment. Hengjie not only pays attention to the high -quality production of the product, but also attaches great importance to product innovation. Hengjie really achieved the product from manufacturing to creation. This is what many companies have not caught up. In addition, this company produces ceramic sanitary cleaning, which has its own characteristics. In 2012, the new product of Hengjie 3.5L “Hengjie Super Whirlwind” super water -saving toilet won the title of “Leading” water -saving technology product awarded by the Ministry of Water Resources. The reason for this honor is that Hengjie’s innovation of products and the development of new products.

恒洁卫浴坐便器好吗 恒洁卫浴坐便器最新价格

Hengjie Sanitary Ware pursues the research and development technology of leading industries, excellent manufacturing technology, and creates superb design and excellent combination products for the pursuit of the enterprise. At present, “Hengjie” has dozens of autonomous patents, with high technical content and high added value. As a leader of national independent brands, with its excellent quality and service advantages, it has established nearly 2,000 marketing outlets throughout the country.

恒洁卫浴坐便器好吗 恒洁卫浴坐便器最新价格

The overall design of the Hengjie toilet is simple, the lines are smooth, and the all -inclusive design makes the toilet without any sanitary dead corners. The porcelain of the toilet is excellent.

Appearance: round shape, all -inclusive design

Hengjie toilet is all -inclusive design. Its big advantage is that it is convenient for cleaning, no sanitary dead ends, and the toilet lines are beautiful and soft. It breaks through the traditional design of the traditional toilet and presented a minimalist design style.

Porcelain: High -temperature ceramics are not easy to hide stain

恒洁卫浴坐便器好吗 恒洁卫浴坐便器最新价格

Hengjie toilet is fired at high temperature to meet the requirements of full porcelain, so it will feel heavy in the hand. When gently touching the surface of the toilet with your hands, you will feel that the feel of the glaze and the body is very delicate. No small holes are found under the light of the light, which indicates that the quality of the toilet is better.

恒洁卫浴坐便器好吗 恒洁卫浴坐便器最新价格

Flushing: Increase the size of the pipeline, and the water deposits are also particular about

Whether the design of the pipeline has a scientific and reasonable effect on the flushing effect of the toilet. Under normal circumstances, the water must be tested before buying a toilet. This Hengjie toilet pipeline has increased size treatment, and the sewage is smoother. The height of the water deposit will have a good deodorant effect, it will not rebound, it is not easy to splash water.

The latest price of Hengjie Sanitary Wood toilet

H0119 Conjusite Jet Rainbolic Shop/toilet Price: 888 yuan

H0132 Conjunctiva Jet Rainbolic Shoot/toilet Price: 1399 yuan

H0126 Consecutory water -saving spray siphon seat/toilet price: 2288 yuan

3.5L National Patent Certification H0129D Super Whirlwind Water Sattle Consecutor Price: 3588 yuan

Water -saving technology patent certification H0133D super whirlwind conjoined use/toilet price: 5455 yuan

Xiaobian’s Hengjie bathroom toilet is still good, and the reputation in the market is still very good. The above is what I introduced to you today about the content of the Hengjie bathroom toilet and the latest price of Hengjie Sanitary toilet. I believe that after reading the content of this article The latest price of the toilet also has some understanding. I hope the content of the editor today can help everyone.

H0126 Consecutory water -saving spray siphon seat/toilet price: 2288 yuan