2016 winter Korean down jacket matching skills to make “warm” men also be men

The down jacket is an indispensable heating item for autumn and winter men. In this issue, it shares how boys use black down jackets to match their own type. Do not miss it!

Type male black down jacket with one

With look1 black down jacket+plaid shirt+jeans

2016冬季 韩版羽绒服搭配技巧 做“暖”男也做型男

The middle and long black down jackets modify the body of the boy and look good. The simple style is versatile and fashionable. The inside plaid shirt makes the whole set more uniform. The lower body is paired with a pair of blue jeans.

Boys black down jacket with TWO

With look2 black down jacket+black pants+willow shoes

The simple is classic. The simple down jacket is fashionable and versatile. With the hooded design, there is no lack of casual sense. The lower body is paired with a pair of black trousers, which is very beautiful. The white willow nail shoes are the highlights of the whole set of matching.

Boys black down jacket with Three

With look3 black down jacket+white T -shirt

2016冬季 韩版羽绒服搭配技巧 做“暖”男也做型男

This match makes boys look fashionable and stylish. The hooded medium -length black down jacket is warm and beautiful. It is so matched with white T -shirts. Simple black and white matching can easily create a man.

Boys black down jacket with Four

2016冬季 韩版羽绒服搭配技巧 做“暖”男也做型男

With look4 black down jacket+sweater+shirt

2016冬季 韩版羽绒服搭配技巧 做“暖”男也做型男

Wearing a shirt in the sweater is a very popular match, making boys look fashionable and attractive. The middle -length black down jacket and the design of the hair collar are essential for men. The whole set of combinations are simple and beautiful.

Boys black down jacket with FIVE

2016冬季 韩版羽绒服搭配技巧 做“暖”男也做型男

With look5 black down jacket+turtleneck sweater

The white turtleneck sweater is very beautiful, modifying the face of boys, and showing temperament. With a simple black down jacket, it is stylish and warm.

The above is the combination of the boy’s black down jacket in this issue. The stylish and stylish men’s clothing match. Is there a one you like?