Qin Lan is serious in winter, wearing a black jacket is low -key and young, and “pointed shoes” is so fashionable

It is said that there are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women, and women who love themselves can become more and more beautiful. Maintaining healthy life every day is serious, and women’s attractive stage is extended indefinitely.


Qin Lan is a very good example. The maintenance of 40 years from face to her body has made many little girls envious. Coupled with her sense of fashion, she dares to try boldly.


Various styles can be easily controlled. Her private clothes have become a model for older women. Even winter is the same. Wearing a short black bread suit with small feet pants, warmth and fashion show a good figure.


The once -down jacket feels bloated and rustic, and girls who love beauty will always avoid it. Fortunately, the current styles are much a lot, and there are more choices for the cold star.

At the same time, it also brought new troubles. How to choose a style that suits you and make the girls think of breaking their heads. First of all, you must first consider your body characteristics to choose cotton clothes with better adaptation.

The easiest way is to start from the length. The short model has the characteristics of versatile and non -picking. The tall and small man can control it, and it is easier to wear a simple and neat effect, which fully meets the needs that everyone does not want to be fat.


In addition, it is the choice of color. It is not recommended to choose what color is popular. After all, many colors are a bit skinny, and once it is not selected, it affects the value. The color that matches your skin color can wear an elegant and decent effect, and the color itself determines the reflection of the style.

The bright and bright colors are higher, but the relatively low -key and restrained colors are more likely to wear a stable and advanced effect. Black as a classic and versatile basic color, it is relatively easy to match, and the characteristics of time can also increase the appearance rate of cotton clothes. Don’t worry about unnecessary waste of the shape.

As for the choice of style, there is no very demanding requirement. After all, how to change the style of cotton clothes is basically similar. Choosing some Volkswagen styles better, and some slightly designed items will make the shape more sexy. Everyone can choose according to personal preferences. The effect of the upper body will basically not have a big problem.

Like the more popular bread suit this year, it is actually recommended that everyone invest in one for themselves. The fluffy texture does not wear a very bloated feeling, but it will bring a more fashionable effect.


Qin Lan is serious in winter, wearing a black jacket is low -key and young, and the “pointed shoes” is so fashionable. The short bread clothes like Qin Lan are very small in texture. Essence But for this very individual style, pay attention to the balance in matching.

From the style of single products, the simpler clothing can highlight the focus. The combination of the same color can also avoid messy and tedious situations. It seems to be a single color matching, but because the style of cotton clothes has no ordinary passers -by. And the combination of different materials will also make the shape of the same color very layered.

Many times, everyone thinks that the shape of winter is difficult to make out, and it is completely in the coat and the single match. If you want to taste as fashionable in winter, you need to make the style more diverse.

A high -level cortex jacket, which is also an indispensable item in winter. It can be selected according to demand. Like the north with a low temperature, the coat of fur is more warm.

The southern cities are slightly thicker and long, and can fully cope with the demand for outdoor. Like Qin Lan’s shape, it uses a stacking method, so that the black shape is no longer monotonous, and the bright color is bright and atmospheric.


Speaking of a very temperament single product is naturally a coat. The design simple basic coat is more tolerant of the body, and it can also be matched with different styles of items.

In terms of choice, you can start from the color, which can weaken the formal and mature problems of the coat. The effects of different lengths are also different. The upper body of the long coat is more aura, and if you want to wear a delicate effect, it is also recommended to choose the length above the knee.