In the past 3 years, 2865 batches of shoes have not reached the standard: ZARA, H & M quality at the bottom, Li Ningan’s quality does not lose the quality of Nike Adi

Li Ning, Anta, Hongxing Erk, Huili … Guo tide shoes and boots are increasingly favored by young people. In 2021, the search volume of the two keywords of the “national tide” and “domestic goods” of the Xiaohongshu community increased by 199%and 137%compared with the same period last year.

So, can the national tide shoe really compare with the shoulders? How did various brands perform during the random inspection over the years?

In November 2021, the “Consumer Report” compiled the national, provincial and municipal market supervision and administration bureaus (formerly Industrial and Commercial and Quality Supervision Bureau) from 2019 to 2021 on the sampling inspection of shoe products.

The results show that the national and provincial regulatory departments have been spot -checked in the past three years and found that 2865 batches of shoes have not met the standard.

Playboy, ZARA, H & M and other big brands “do not meet the standard black list”.


It is worth mentioning that in the statistics of random inspections,

National tide products such as Li Ning, Anta, Tubu, Pockets are not inferior to foreign big names such as Nike, Adidas, and Converse.

Chinese people don’t have to be arrogant, the quality of domestic goods is striding to catch up and surpass the international standard!

Li Ning, Hongxing Erk, Anta and other national tide are not worse than foreign big names abroad

The consumption of domestic goods is rising with a rapid trend. Shoes are used as an important carrier of cultural products and “peripherals”, which is easy to apply and play, and has always been favored and popular with trendy culture.

There are many shoe classifications. According to the function, it can be divided into running shoes, casual shoes, basketball shoes, board shoes, net shoes, badminton shoes, off -road shoes, hiking shoes, streaming shoes, etc. The interior can also be subdivided. For example, running shoes can be divided into light light Running shoes, shock -absorbing running shoes, etc.; According to the objects of wearing, it can be divided into men’s shoes, women’s shoes and children’s shoes; according to the material, it can be divided into leather shoes, cloth shoes, rubber shoes, cotton shoes, etc.


Data from sampling inspection shows that in the three years from 2019 to 2021, the national and provincial regulatory departments (market supervision and administration bureau) scored 10012 batches of shoe categories. Among them, 2865 batches of shoes were not up to standard, and the standard rate was 71.5%.

More well -known brands have no standards,


Including well -known brands such as H & M, ZARA, Converse, Artist, New Bellen, Nike.

In the sample check statistics,

National tide brands such as Li Ning, Anta, Tubu, and Peak were detected in 3 years of random inspections, and the standard rate was as high as 100%.

For example, Li Ning, the light -quality running shoes, shock -absorbing running shoes, casual shoes, badminton training shoes, children’s shoes and other products involved were sampled by the national regulatory authorities, all of which have reached the standard. 93 batches of sampling inspections, all of which have reached 100%. The national tide brand is not inferior to foreign big names such as Nike, Adidas, and Converse!

The national tide is not limited to trendy design, including Chinese culture, technology and quality behind the product. Spring check data shows that China’s national tide power is not weaker than foreign big names.

H & M, ZARA spot checks at the bottom, the quality is worrying

The two major brands of ZARA and H & M performed poorly in sampling inspections

The standards of only 59%and 53%in the 3 -year sampling inspection, and the quality is worrying. The two major brands were sampled 27 batches and 19 batches, respectively, and the batch did not meet the standards of 11 batches and 9 batches.

The 11 batches of “ZARA” shoes produced by Lara Commercial (Beijing) Co., Ltd. were detected and not up to the standard.

The specifics are as follows: In 2019, the Guangzhou Market Supervision Bureau detected 1 batch, the Fuzhou Market Supervision Bureau detected 1 battery in 2020, 2 batches of Hangzhou Market Supervision Bureau in 2021, and 2020 in Shanghai Hongkou District Market Supervision The bureau detected 8 batches. The products are men’s shoes, women’s shoes, and children’s sandals. It does not meet the standards of the standard, folding performance and outsole hardness.

The nominal production unit of “H & M” Haynes Morris (Shanghai) Business Co., Ltd. is also a production company with a lot of incomplete standards in random inspections. Nine batches are not up to the standard.

The specifics are as follows: In 2020, the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau detected that one battery was not up to the standard. The Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau detected that one battery did not meet the standards. No standard indicators involve identification, fold resistance, and friction color.

It can be seen that the fast fashion brand has always been vomited, and it is not just a stereotype of consumers.

In addition to H & M, ZARA, Converse, Artist, New Bellen, Nike and other well -known brands and boots have also been detected. It is not a one -piece and repeated one by one.


Identification, abrasion resistance, and coloring fastness are “no standards for the disaster”

Why do these big brands do not meet the standards? What indicators are involved?

According to the random inspection data,

Identification, abrasion resistance, friction color fastness, fold resistance, phthalate


The situation of other indicators is not up to the standard.


Identity, logo

The 1515 batches do not meet the standards, accounting for 43.1%, which is the most prone to unsuccessful in all sample inspections. The sign (knowledge) does not meet the requirements, which is mainly reflected in the internal packaging (including tags) without shoe numbers, goods numbers, production date, corporate name, three packages, etc. Standards stipulate that shoe products or packaging (including tags) should be marked with product names, shoe numbers, materials, origin, origin, corporate name and contact information, three packages regulations, implementation standard numbers, production date, color, goods number, quality level, etc. content.

The lack of these important product information and judgment basis will cause merchants to charges well and mislead consumers’ purchase, use and maintenance.


Abrasion resistance

The 303 batches do not meet the standard, accounting for 8.6%. Abrasion resistance is an important indicator of abrasion resistance of the soles of the shoe, which directly affects the shoe tolerance. The better the wear resistance, the more resistant to shoes. Taking tourist shoes as an example, the standards are stipulated that the outsole wear resistance after the sample should be less than equal to 12.0mm.

The possible reason for the lack of wear resistance: the sole material is too soft, the raw material ratio of the sole does not meet the requirements or the degree of vulcanization, and add excess filling and impurities.


Slice and inner pads rubbing color fastness

, 262 batches do not meet the standard, accounting for 7.5%. The coloring of lining and inner pads refers to the staining lining and the inner pad to maintain the performance of the original color during use.

During the use of the color of the lining and the inner pads, the poor frictionality of the coloring accuracy is friction in the sweat -stained environment. The dye is easy to fall off and fade, which not only affects the beauty, but also is easy to stick to socks. healthy. The reason why the project does not meet the standards is that inferior dyes are used during the dyeing process. After dyeing, the water was not washed sufficiently or inadequate.




, 239 batches do not meet the standard, accounting for 6.8%. Folding resistance is one of the main indicators of the internal quality of the shoe. It is possible to evaluate whether the sole of the shoe is easy to break, whether the help surface material is prone to cracks, etc., which directly affects the life of the wearing. For example, the bottom wall, the bottom of the bottom, and the sole of the sole ≤ 5.0mm. After the folding, the cracks should not exceed 3 places, and the longest crack length ≤5.0mm, and the soles must not be painted and falling off.

Shoes with non -compromise resistance are prone to problems such as sole fracture, help surface cracks, cracks or bottom walls, and the bottom wall of the bottom wall during the wearing.

There may be three major reasons for the non -compromise resistance: one is that the fillers are too much during the production process of the shoe outsole, and the rubber content is low, which causes the rubber outsole to harden and become crispy, and the toughness is not to crack; Without solidarity, the inferior adhesive or adhesive binding process may be used in place, which causes the flexion site to open the glue; the third is that the outsole pattern design is defective, which is easy to cause the outsole due to stress concentration.

“Consumer Report” suggestion

(1) Sign. The identification and labels were found in the sampling inspection and found that the most batch did not meet the standards. When buying, first check the packaging bag and shoe help materials, and try to choose a complete product (identifier) ​​of the products; secondly, check the shoe numbers and shoe type marked on the shoes and the packaging box to recognize whether it is in line with your own requirements. Or try not to buy as much as possible.

(2) Smell. When you buy it, you first smell the smell of the shoes. If the irritating odor is serious, it may not meet the standards such as formaldehyde and VOC. Try to buy some shoes without odor or less smell.

(3) Quality. The shoes can be placed flat on the table and observed the two shoes. It can be compared from the color, pattern, and fluff of the same parts. Whether the sole is flat, firm, and beautiful. Feel the flexibility, elasticity and non -deformation of the upper. You can also try it on. After all, a “well -known actor” said that the shoes are unattended, only the feet know.

The trend pages are being rewritten. From Li Ning to Fashion Week, to the pouring of consumers into the live broadcast room of Hongxingrk, from the brand’s self -awareness to the enthusiastic sought after consumer, the national tide is ushered in the best era, opening a new new era, open a new One page.

[Special statement]: The original data used in this article comes from the authoritative official website, and the data is objective and real. If the relevant sampling results are verified and confirmed that there is a change in the facts after verification and identification of the relevant government departments, please contact this magazine in time.