Are your equipment ready at that time?

Recently, the temperature has continued to decline, and the outdoor skating rinks of the water park have also ushered in the annual peak season. Looking at the skating enthusiasts: Some people leans over the one -legged leg, some people are double The legs are sliding, and the sideways are slippery, and the movements are very beautiful. So, what equipment should we prepare before skating?

Shoes: The most suitable selection according to the project

If you want to be good, you must first benefit your instrument. “To choose a pair of skating shoes that are suitable for your own, you must first determine which type of skating items you want to do.” Said Lin Wei, coach of the Speed ​​Skating Club, said that as an ice exercise, ice skating mainly includes three categories of projects: skating, ice hockey, and Speed ​​skating, the ice knife and ice shoes used in different projects are different. Therefore, the characteristics of various projects and various ice knife and ice shoes need to be understood: the main feature of speed skating is the fast speed. Therefore, the speed skating knife is very long, the blade is narrow and flat, so that the ice area is large and the friction resistance is small. Shoes are short to reduce the center of gravity and reduce air resistance. The ice hockey project is very confrontable and requires good protection measures. Therefore, the toe of the ice and soy shoes is very hard, the shoes are high, the shoes are thick, and the knife of the ice knife is the knife body. It is very short and has a large arc, which is convenient for skating people to move flexibly and change the direction of gliding on the ice. The pattern skating action is difficult and the stability requirements are high. Therefore , To facilitate turning to rotate and footwork. There is a knife tooth in the front of the blade to make it easy to take off and fall. The waist is hard and tall. It is to protect the ankle joint when jumping. People who begin to skate are usually used with pattern skating shoes.

“After determining which kind of shoes to buy, two points should be paid when picking shoes.” Coach Lin said, first, whether the knife is straight. Raise the ice shoes, the blade facing up, the shoe’s mouth facing down, looking at whether the knife body is a straight line with one eye, the better the knife body, the better. Second, whether the blade has a deep cut. If there is a deep cut of the blade, it will affect the ice effect during skating, so you should try to choose the shallow ice knife when buying new shoes. The ice shoes number must be suitable for me, neither too big nor too small. When testing the shoes, you should loosen all the shoelaces and tighten them in order. You must make sure the number is suitable before you can buy it.

滑冰正当时 你的装备准备好了吗?

Dressing: It is subject to not hindering exercise

“Many people who have no experience or non -often skating, because they are afraid of cold or are afraid of falling pain, they often wear too much too much. In fact, this often hinders exercise.” Coach Lin said that outdoor skating should pay attention to the warmth of clothing, so as to keep the clothes warm, so as to keep the clothes in order to keep the clothes. Prevent frostbite, don’t be too tired, so as not to hinder the skating effect. The thickness and loosening of clothing are based on not hindering exercise. You can also refer to the classic three -layer dressing method: basic layer+middle layer+outer layer. Those who are new to skating should wear long -sleeved jackets and gloves to avoid scratching the skin when they fall. Children can wear protective gear such as knees, elbows, helmets. After the exercise, wipe the sweat in time and get dressed to prevent colds and frostbite.

滑冰正当时 你的装备准备好了吗?

Reminder: Safety system

Although the skating is fun and can also strengthen the body, there are certain safety risks.

It is recommended not to bring a hardware, such as keys, knives, etc. during skating, so as not to be injured when falling. Be sure to master the method of stopping and falling to reduce the possibility of falling and reduce the degree of injury. Safe falling training is the impact of dispersion when the protective gear and the whole body are scattered. When falling, keep the body down, avoid sitting down or letting a part of the body be fully affected, such as hips, chin, wrist wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, and wrists, wrists, wrists, and wrists. Elbows, knees, etc. to reduce the degree of injury in a single part. Generally, it is recommended to let the body lean forward, kneel on the knees, lie down, slide forward with the palm of the palm, and let the body stretch out at the same time, and then fell completely. After this series of actions, the impact when falling The force will be completely dispersed, so as not to suffer too much and heavy damage. In addition, not to be too long to remind ice skating. It is best to skate in a regular place. Do not go to unmanned places to avoid accidents.

滑冰正当时 你的装备准备好了吗?

All media reporter: Xiaoxue