Fashionistas have grown grass? Revealing men’s pants experts Jiu Mu Wang’s famous little black pants why is it sought after?

The men’s pants fashion circle this autumn and winter will be stunning by the famous small black pants of the Jiu Mu Wang. On October 21, 2021, Jiu Mu King XDAVIDE MARELLO (former Gucci designer) co -branded small black pants were released. When the artistic printing design encountered the star’s little black pants of the male pants expert Jiu Mu, the joint model appeared on the entire network to harvest a popularist expert.

“Black Technology” fabric creates good pants, small black pants define the new generation of business men’s pants

Jiu Mu’s little black pants were born in 2019. The original intention of launching is based on the pain points of traditional business men’s pants too tight, too restrained, and poor health in the workplace men’s health. Star items that exercise in one.


The fabric used in small black pants is a high -elastic fabric that has excellent stretching rates and response rates developed by Jiu Mu King. Different from ordinary woven clothing fabrics, Jiu Mu King combines the weaving process with the fabric characteristics to create a 360 -degree high -bullet fabric of knitted spin -woven woven woven woven woven, with a stretching rate of 4 times that of ordinary fabrics ①. After sufficient fabrics, the whole process and repeated testing have excellent ductility and reflection, and at the same time have memory functions.


The fabric elasticity of the small black pants is very large. In the process of making pants in the fabric, the technology of the waist is particularly important. The King of Ninemasian customized the exclusive auxiliary material for this not only ensures the elasticity and comfort of the fabric itself, but also makes the waist and abdomen covering the coverage of the waist and abdomen. Good, it will not be changed at will. Relying on the 12 million human body data accumulated for many years, the small black pants of the Jiu Mu King are excellent in shape, stable pants, good wrapping, comfortable and stylish, soft and soft. As a good pants that truly solve the needs of business men’s dressing, it has been recognized by the market since its birth. Many customers feedback, wearing Jiuli king’s small black pants, do not want to wear other pants anymore.

The extension of fashion makes small black pants more possibilities

With the development of society and the improvement of living standards, men’s emphasis on appearance and appearance gradually awakened. In terms of clothing choices, they prefer to wear comfortable wearing, while also pursuing elements such as taste, style, and fashion.

At the same time, the Jiu Mu King continued the excellent performance of the classic small black pants, and joined hands with GUCCI designer Davide Marello to launch a co -branded series of small black pants to combine the artistic print design with the comfort and versatile of small black pants. Let us appreciate the fashionable charm of men’s pants.

Davide is sharing the design of the design: “Printing can truly reflect a person’s state of mind, which can help people show themselves and their personality.” Jiu Mu Wang’s famous small black pants bold and creative design captured many fashionistas love In their wearing display, not only let us feel the outstanding visual expression of small black pants, but also let us see more possibilities for Chinese men’s pants aesthetics.

Focus on young customers and look forward to future development


The “Little Black Pants Family”, which is continuously expanded by King Jiu Mu, is a long -term plan for the brand for the current emerging and young consumer groups. Jiu Mu Wang has focused on the field of men’s pants for 32 years. Facing the product needs of young customers, while keeping his own competitive advantage, he has made a forward -looking layout. Jiu Mu Wang continuously integrates international fashion resources, renewing the product matrix: In January 2021, GUIDO TAHRA, a well-known Italian designer, launched the joint series of “Jubilee”; in March of the same year, the former Jeonian designer Louis-Gabriel Nouchi released the “Great Wall of China”. Inspired by inspiration and pants as the core, the 2021 Autumn and Winter series, in June, brought NOUCHI to Paris Fashion Week to stage the first Paris Fashion Week first pants show, amazing the world. This time with the former Gucci designer Davide launched a joint co -branded small black pants, Jiu Mu Wang once again used the fashion style of excellent pants and artistic design to show the fashion trend of Chinese men’s pants.

Deeply cultivating men’s pants fields, Jiu Mu Wang uses a professional to create the ultimate star items. In the future, it is necessary to make Jiu Mu King’s small black pants a must -have pants for workplace people and synonymous to pursue comfort in the workplace. At the same time, by continuously constructing the “small black pants family”, one step is to solve the needs of men in the workplace for pants. It is this kind of development idea that constantly meets the needs of customers that has made small black pants continue to innovate since launching. So far, it has sold more than 1 million, which is loved by young mainstream people!

Related data description:

① “4 times the stretching rate as high as ordinary fabrics”: The test results of the certified inspection agency are concluded, compared with the general fabric of the brand.

② “12 million human data” Source: Jiu Mu Wang established cooperation with Beijing Meijia Technology Co., Ltd. to collect income.