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Fashion Korean version of the strap trousers, with L code pants cutting

Today, share a strap pants, simple and large.


Some people say that the strap trousers don’t want to think about pregnant women. I don’t want to wear a backpad, and I feel that this trousers can go back to the waist and turn into a wide leg pants.

Let’s take a look at the picture first

Tree cutting


Today, Sharing is a tailor of the L.

You need other number of you can follow


Waist, hip circumference 4cm per code

The length of the pants is 1.5 cm.


Worried about the above words too small, so the big picture of the main part


Production process solution

Pants can use a general pants fabric. Slightly a bit more dressed

Old rules, cutting before cutting.

It is worth mentioning that the wide legs are definitely feet. Other pants, maybe the length of the trousers is enough, this pants may have a half of the trousers. Even so, you can’t save the fabric in order to save the fabric.

The cloth line of the trousers must be very upright, especially the wide legs, if the cloth line is not positive, and the leg is affirmative. Even if it is done, the trousers can’t wear the door.

The process of pants is generally very simple, especially in the front zipper, sewing the contact zipper on the side.

The front pleats must be completely hot, natural. Attention should pay attention to the hot tightening temperature when the pants is inspected, so as to avoid the mirror.


Both the lace pants are made using a private method or a double-layer method. If you feel too thick, you can use color or contrast in color.

Finally, I will talk about the invisible zipper, the zipper installation should be smoothly straight, and the hand speed will be consistent when it is done.

Ok, today’s share is here.

If you like it, you can try it. If you don’t understand, you can leave a message or private letter to the comment area.