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8 warm and stylish autumn clothes, the weather is cold and cold

This year’s cold air has been unfair, many places come into autumn, even in winter, Qiuyi Qiuqiu is not ready to prepare. Many netizens are saying: The most bought last night is the autumn clothes short pants …

So the intimate small cover gives you some autumn clothes, the autumn clothes, the thin and comfortable and strong warmth, and everyone will take the need.


Shu Ya | Platinum Men’s Series E5 / 14572Y


Platinum Men’s Series belongs to the high-end series of Shu Yas, quality first-class quality. The series of autumn clothes have three materials of cashmere, smart, modal, which is most expensive with cashmere.

This warm pants is loose and comfortable. The elastic foot is not bound, effectively windy warm. Jingdong flagship store price is 179 yuan, 10.20-10.26 During the coupon, the account is 200-30.



Mr. Edu | Most V-neck Warm Pack


Mr. Ed Mr. Basic Autumn Wluk is mostly in Mogall as raw materials, and the price is between 200-800, which is the strongest in the thickness of warmth, and the spandex blended, breathability and synthetic, its thickness phase More suitable than other basic lightweight, with acrylic the main warmth. Single piece top price is about 600 yuan, but there is also a phenomenon that is easy to start.

More expensive to count cashmere, Tiansheng and Warm +, these styles contain precious silk, wool or cashmere ingredients, single-piece autumn clothing price is more than 300 yuan.


Warm love | classic pull warm underwear WA01 / 02

The warm matters are known for its excellent comfort and warmth, due to the series of big sells, its manufacturer Alice Co., Ltd. has been familiar with Japan in the 1970s.

The laughter series of autumn clothes is divided into thin, meager, basic thickness, thickening and plus thickness, using Japanese Mitsubishi special fiber and Australian wool, with cylindrical non-trace weaving technology, fabric light bullet, heat storage Good, suitable for harsh winter. The price is covered from 400-1000 yuan and can be found in major e-commerce platforms.

It is worth mentioning that the series also has a pregnant woman’s exclusive massive warm pants, and the expectant mothers can buy suitable models.



Nananan | Hot 301+ Warm Underwear Series

301+ series thermal underwear is the most basic product in the banana, with acrylic as the main thermal fiber, with nylon, polyester fiber and spandex, both good warm effect, and wear-resistant, elastic.


In addition, the armpit diastolic area design plus the seamless cuff and elastic foot design, while ensuring sucking activity, there is no trace effect, pricing 98 yuan.


Love | round neck thermal underwear AM741381

Ms. Ai Ms. Color is very female charm from the appearance, joining the elements such as lace, lace, rhinestones, and change the dull impression of the traditional autumn clothes.


The autumn clothing is a main thermal fiber with acrylic, the touch is soft, and the warmth is strong. Combined with spandex to enhance the elasticity, wear comfortably. Jingdong flagship store priced 414 yuan, the activity is as low as 344 yuan.


Huare | Thin section No tracemown Most Warm Takers

As a famous Japanese underwear brand, Huapo has developed in 1949, which is already a warp in the field of underwear. The thermal underwear it produces is thin, light, warm, wearing light and soft, warm but not heavy.

The Huapume Mogdale series is its product representative. It continues the advantages of modal skin, smooth and shiny, with three-dimensional compilation technology in the chest, waist and abdomen, and the rear back, with a shaping effect, and wear an elegant Motor curve.

Huapumene underwear once needs Haitao, after years of development, now Tmall and online stores can be easily bought. The average price of this series is up and down in 200 yuan, suitable for women who want to wear elegant body.


Shuya | Antibacterial Most Series


14994W follows Shuya’s consistent comfortable performance, the material is light and breathable, and it is not boring. 50 Mogal fabric with spandex, the touch is soft and delicate, and the high bomb does not bind. AAA-level antibacterial, protecting health all day.

This model is V-neck design. It is not easy to reveal when wearing it. It is easy to match a variety of clothes, no trace and comfortable. 10.20-10.26 Lead coupons full 200-20, more than 10% discount, only 213 yuan in hand!


Red beans | red bean velvet warm underwear couple

As a Chinese old brand, the underwear of red beans was consistently balanced in 1957. It has no trace of the neckline of the underwear, sleeves, hem has no sewing thread, and the touch is not worn, and the comfort is better.


Moreover, the series uses the best Laika material in elastic fibers, not only good elasticity, but it is not easy to deform. This series can be purchased in a set, cost-effective.