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In the winter, the three cotton shoes have been eliminated, and the feet are destroyed! Remember two points, scientific shoes

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Winter is a season that makes parents are invisible. In winter, children will be sick from time to time, and the most common is to catch a cold.


Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, the parents will

Give your child a thick clothes and cotton shoes

Reject everything that makes children catch cold, avoiding the child’s cold. But sometimes, it will be exhausted, pay attention to keep warm, but ignore the development of the foot.

In winter, wear thick cotton shoes to children, but the child always quars “foot pain”

Recently, Xiaoqin has disagree with his mother-in-law. This reason is how the winter chooses a suitable shoe to children.

Mother-in-law’s idea is simple and rude:


Winter is cold, the shoes you bought to children must be big, thick, and the thicker is, the better!

Xiaoqin believes that even in winter, the shoes will be uncomfortable to wear, should consider comfort in warmth, which is also beneficial to the child’s bone development.

But the last mother-in-law still bought a pair of children

Plus a thick velvet cotton shoes

As a result, the child took a while, there was always a hurt, usually didn’t want to walk, and Xiaoqin couldn’t see any problems from the surface. I took the child to the hospital to check.

Results After the doctor examined: the child is due to

Inappropriate to wear shoes, it affected the development of bones.


It is good to wear short, there is no much impact.

These three kinds of cotton shoes are wore, the foot is destroyed, and the parents don’t buy cheap.

1) large cotton shoes

Winter is cold, parents naturally do very in place for children’s warm work, like thick clothes, thick cotton shoes, etc., will give their children, avoiding children with cool cold.

To say the warmed shoes in winter, the “snow boots”, that thick cotton shoes, very thick, warm, good effect.

But such snow cotton shoes are not waterproof. If you encounter snow weather, the upper is easy to be wet. and

This kind of cotton shoes are very heavy, and it is inconvenient for children with big activity.

If parents are forcibly wearing, not only is not conducive to children’s activities, but also because they are cold and cold.

2) High boots

Today’s parents will dress up their children, whether boys or girls will be very fashionable by parents. In the shoes


It will be very fashionable to wear it, and you will love your mom.

However, the child’s skeleton development has not been fixed, and the shoes are highly writing very bad for children’s feet and bone development. There is also the risk of damage to the feet, so such shoes, even if they are handsome, don’t give children Buy.

3) Side shoes

In winter, my parents worry about the cold foot, so when I buy shoes, I will be biased towards those

Sole is higher


Shoes, so the child is not only warm, but also seems to be more than others “high people first”.

But in fact, the child wears such shoes, walking is very uncomfortable, and it is easy to hurt the child’s feet, the child is worn, and the bones grow, so such shoes are not to buy.

Basic principle of winter shoes


In winter, it is the most important principle to keep warm to buy shoes. Warm is the most basic principles for shoes shoes for women in winter.

Winter shoes,

It is best to have fluff in the end of the year, but it doesn’t need too thick.

The upper material is preferably leather, so wearing a foot will be more comfortable.

2. Anti-slip

Winter roads will inevitably icing, for those who have just learned little babies, physical balance skills are not enough, so a pair of anti-skating shoes are also necessary.


The non-slip ability of the shoes is good, see the texture of the sole can be judged, the more rough the surface of the sole, the stronger anti-slip ability.


Winter, what shoes should parents should give children?

In addition to the above shoes can’t wear, what kind of cotton shoes should we wear?

If it is in the room, then the child can wear some non-slip floorings, or floor shoes integrated with footwear.


When I arrived, my mother can avoid the cotton shoes that said above, giving children to choose low and warm cotton shoes.


In short, give your child shoes,

The most important thing is safe, comfortable, and the appearance is secondary.

. Especially in winter, the shoes not only affect the comfort, but also affect the safety of children.

Today’s topic: In winter, what shoes do you wear for your child?