Bridge Lamps

15 good photos taken from Zhang Putong people: The first 8 this line is too beautiful.

I always encourage everyone,

Go to search for lines hidden around you,

Because of lines,

It is the perfect display of photography techniques and thinking,

Today, this issue of “recommended”,

There are some very good lines,



Visual enjoyment.



@ I just don’t want to get up

“zebra crossing”


iPhone 11 Snapseed

In the later stage, the yellow is taken behind the screen, so the floor tiles and zebraides are all white in gypsum.

By adding dark black, the black and white contrast is even more distinct.

The disadvantage is that the perspective adjustment produces some distortion, especially those in the upper left corner, and it is a bit “lying” after the stretching.

But the picture has become clean and symmetrical due to adjustment.

So, don’t hide your job.


@ 随缘


Huawei P30 later SNAPSeed

The iron frame, the geometric and lines feel strong,

The way of silhouette is also a routine operation.

The most worthy of the photo is the later toning, and the cold and warm color is saturated, and the contrast is deepened.


Looking at a taste of a cocktail,

Feel: Micro.


@ 安安

And the last photo has the wonderful work,


Two buildings, more modeling, separation screens, strong strength, contrast, and clouds are silky.

A just a soft, this combination is just right.


@ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ

Xiaomi 11U

Road lights and moon talks

The photo has been subtly found three objects that are not related.

Use telephoto to compress them together.

The street lights and the moon just point from around the middle object (how do I think it is also a road light),

In this way, their songs are stronger.


@ 海平 面 金

Building line

Glory 30Pro + later spicy

The selected angle perfectly shows the beauty of the curve.

Whether it is the sculpture of the foreground or the buildings behind, the main lines are round,


Therefore, the overall photo is very rhythmic.

The methods and hue of the later treatment also simulates the texture of sketch painting.


@ 远 浪

“Constructor on the steel frame”

Huawei P30

A little silhouette of the taste is not all silhouettes.

Look carefully, in the silhouette, there is also a change in light and shadow.

So, this photo has the simple photo of the photo, and the layer of light.

“Double fight”!



Mi 11U


The most beautiful sunset red, the reflection of the building is very beautiful


Use telephoto to shoot compression.


Commercial building, mostly cold glass,

Therefore, under the sunset, the reflection of the floor, the cold is warm, and it has contrast.

The picture intercepted in the picture, the displayed lines are all horizontal and vertical, do you look more comfortable.

It is also an example of shooting buildings, reminds me of the retroactive examples of last week.



@ 咩 咩


XS Max

At sunset, the sky is dyed into a blue purple, showing a static feeling.

The filmed ferrous cycle has a fairy tale color, and the tones of the photo match.


@ @后 阳光 阳 的


The same is a faint sunset, with a curved moon, like the previous photo, showing a fairy tale.

The photo turned into a painting, wake up the classic template of the app, this software is still very easy to use, recently I am in use, have a chance to share with you.


@ (Sorry, the name is forgotten)


“Foni Opera” – Strait Culture and Art Center, Temple in Figure is Cihang Temple

Ancient architecture and modern architecture ahead,

Comparison is still more obvious,


As if a conversation across time and space.

It is a slightly slightly slightly slightly handled manner.





Huawei glory V30P

Lower rain, just out of the elevator, someone is shooting me, I also pick up the mobile phone to take the opposite person.

Although the picture quality is bad enough, there is no taste of the raindrops of the wire.

Black and white sets have been relatively unlocked, allowing photos to look at the whole, and the subject is very prominent.

The black gold color has added a high level of high level to the photo, although ~ shoot is the pants, the vest ~~


@Junny Zhang

Silhouette selfie, black and white plus noise, a little old silent taste, very interesting.

At first glance, I thought it was a pipe, look carefully, oh, this thing is playing, more interesting.



@ 哟 23

Let’s take a few photos of the lotus.

Under the black and white, it is more precisely that it should be compared with coffee, the lotus is very prominent.

The photo large-scale black, but it is not a monotonous,

Mainly some of the lights and shadows in the details are very good, such as the following stalks, such as the lotion to be opened, and the transition is particularly natural.


@SAY you say me


“Fresh and elegant”

Huawei P40 Pro

A very general lotus flower, the latter manifold is dealt with.

In fact, so many lotus flowers should also be able to see, now take a lot of flowers, to a large extent, more than the later treatment.


@ 儿

“Ink Danqing”

This photo should use a lot of “repair” steps, it feels difficult to distinguish it.

However, there is no book, it is precisely because of these messy postpartum, but it makes photos abstraction.

The background of the ravioli, thus putting the lotus contour detail lining more clear.