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IU “Durna Hotel” berry color lip gloss ultra-white 5-color recommended thickness coating first layer is Queen

Li Zhun’s new drama “Druina Hotel”?

This back to the country’s sister Iu subverted the sweet image, interpret the cold, proudly and mysterious Zhang Yue, see it, it is really a meal! Especially the domineering, whitening “berry color” double lips are really no eye, come with you and see what giant white berry lip gloss!

IU《德鲁纳酒店》浆果色唇彩超显白5支同色推荐 厚涂一层就是女王

The sweet and salty “berry color” is very white, the color is slightly biased, but there are some purple tones, thin hair daily, the thickness is full of queen.

IU《德鲁纳酒店》浆果色唇彩超显白5支同色推荐 厚涂一层就是女王

Berrose color lipstick recommended 1: Pony Effect Water Cooperate #be Agape, NT $ 690

The “Pony Effect Water & Condole Glaze #be agape” is high, is a lot of girls who have a lot of girls! Waterstone texture, there will be frost-like feelings when applying, and thickness will show the visual effect of full lip.

IU《德鲁纳酒店》浆果色唇彩超显白5支同色推荐 厚涂一层就是女王

Berry color lipstick recommended 2: a’pieu Neon Hyun color light glaze RD04, NT $ 320

Don’t say that you don’t know it, it is comparable to the “A’Pieu Lip Glaze RD04”, which can be blown up in DCARD, PTT! Thickness is a beautiful strawberry color; the thickness is a glass shiny, can’t help but think about “” ~ Not only the case, “A’pieu RD04” with a pan raspberry in the red wine tone, is very friendly for the yellow skin, White, it is more beautiful, super sultry!

Berry color lipstick recommendation 3: Givenchy high-grade fragrant velvet lipstick # 307 pomegranate red, NT $ 1250

The “Giverse Pleasant Little Parchment # 307” caused by the small red book is a red, red, and a point retro flavor. The moisturized texture can easily wipe the momentum full of lips, the best is, slightly with sanitary paper, you can take a shiny to show the high-level, exquisite fog face makeup, one lipstick two trend makeup!

IU《德鲁纳酒店》浆果色唇彩超显白5支同色推荐 厚涂一层就是女王

Berrose color lipstick recommended 4: Mac 12H Dye lips Demon # 106 If You Are the One, NT $ 1000

Herch’s famous Ya Ya “Mac is dyed lips, with red wine cherry, there is a personality, microcompatible sexy. The texture water, the color is saturated, and the fluffhead with the upper bevel design can be uniform, easy to draw the lip, simple and rapidly showing beautiful water glands.

Berrose color lipstick recommended 5: Dior addict super painted painted lips 露 # 868 爱 迪 j j’adior, NT $ 1,200

“Dior addict supermodel # 868” is a lacquer mirror, full of high-profile feelings, completely crying! The texture seems to be light, not sticky, matched with a faint jasmine, showing spicy and sexy goddess!

IU《德鲁纳酒店》浆果色唇彩超显白5支同色推荐 厚涂一层就是女王

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