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The show-burst restaurant chandelier, who didn’t sigh: too beautiful

Every time I visit the owner, I like it is a variety of lamps. Many of them are the owners come back. What style is full of fun and personality.



Restaurant chandelier


The shape is different, and the atmosphere is full.


The restaurant chandelier is not only for lighting, but more importantly, it is to create a warm dining atmosphere, and a good-looking chandelier can make the restaurant more sentiment, let the food more attractive, but also enhance the beauty of the whole space.

Today, the music is coming to talk to everyone, the restaurant chandelier is mixed.

With the blessing of the chandelier, your restaurant can also become exquisite!





Single-headed chandelier

Single head chandelier has only one source,

Can make lighting more concentrated

However, but the light can be taken in a smaller range.


If the restaurant is relatively small, or the table is round, you can use a single-head chandelier to meet the needs.

There are many kinds of single-head chandeliers.

Simple, can be personality, retro


It can be selected according to the style of the entire restaurant.

If you want the restaurant to become a focus at home, you may wish to choose the unique shape of the style, personality, and you can make people look bright.


Multi-head chandelier


If the table is longer, then only a single-headed chandelier is far less than enough, then you need to select a multi-head chandelier according to the length of the table.

The 2-4 chandeliers provide a light source, and the lighting range is wider, and the light distribution is even more uniform.

Among them, the double-headed chandelier and the three-head chandelier are most useful.

The double end chandelier is generally turned into, the same chandelier is the same, and the shape of the three chandeliers is more diverse, and the height can also be different, and more levels can be added.



Combination chandelier

Combined chandeliers are usually composed of multiple chandeliers of different sizes, different heights, suitable for long-scale table, large round dining table, and a large-scale restaurant.

The unique combination chandelier in shape is easy to become a visual focus.


Greatly enhance spatial personality, but also make lighting more levels.




Long chandelier

This long-shaped chandelier is used in previous

There is a lot of work.

Suitable for restaurants with long table.

Fan chandelier

The fan chandelier is a lot of lamps in recent years, which can meet the needs of lighting and natural ventilation, generally used for larger spaces.

And many fan chandeliers are unique, very beautiful, can make the entire restaurant spatial personality.

Different styles of fan chandeliers apply to different styles, pure white simple winds, wooden Japanese style, and retro winds with glass lampshade …

Glass chandelier

There are many kinds of glass chandeliers for different home improvements.

For example, this model is simple


The high-transparent glass lampshade is in the outside of the lamp, and the strobes of the lamp should be wrapped up, it is very suitable for light luxury or modern wind.

The embossing glass chandelier is exuded.

Strong retro


When the light is ejected from the glass with the water wave texture, there is a sparkling beauty.

People feel the old Shanghai style, full of unique retro charm.


UFO chandelier

It is very similar to a flying saucer, which is very simple, suitable for modern winds and other simple styles such as modern winds.



Feather chandelier


Many foreign bloggers have fire this feather chandelier, and its shape is rich

Level sense and artist

It also distributes a soft beauty, making the space more cavity.

In addition, there are many chandeliers that are interesting, super high, and there is always one you will like.



Chandelier with tips



When purchasing a chandelier, you should first pay attention to the size, we can determine the size of the chandelier based on the size of the restaurant and dining table.

In general, the diameter of the chandelier is half the width of the table.



Look high

If the chandelier is hanging too high, it will affect the lighting, hanging too low and easy to hit the head, just good height to ensure lighting and aesthetics.

The height of the table is generally



The minimum of the chandelier to the distance of the table surface,

Generally at 75-80cm is the best

That is to say, the minimum point of the chandelier is to the ground.

1.5-1.6 m

The effect is best.

Color temperature

The restaurant is best to use a warm tones, because the warm colors can make the appetite, but also make the atmosphere more warm and romantic.




It is the color temperature that is best for the restaurant.

Look at the style

According to the style of the chandelier according to the home improvement style and restaurant atmosphere, it is generally simmerted.

If you like art, personalized shape, you can also create your favorite atmosphere through dining table and chairs, tablecloths, furnishings.

The restaurant is the most warm space of home, and a family is sitting together is the best time in ordinary life.





Glass chandelier