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The denim skirt, the pleated skirt is not favored, this year’s popular “irregular skirt”, who is wearing who is good

Every girl has a dream dress, perhaps a dreamy princess dress, or a woman’s tasteful sexy tail skirt. But both are not suitable for everyday wear, too grand, exaggerated. So last year’s denim skirt, pleated skirt very fire, almost a person.

The denim skirt expresss women’s handsome, pleated skirts express age and youth, although both continue to popular in spring, but to say this year’s most unique and fashionable dress, both are too ordinary. This “irregular skirt” is a set of trendy and high-quality, who wear.


In recent years, it is always popular, just like all kinds of mixing winds, MAN’s MAN wind also has pure and wants BM wind, they always emphasize the independence of women and the feelings.

In the event of an irregular skirt, it is refused to wear a rule of the medium, so that he has become a highlight of the crowd. Is it not more attractive and charm?


“Irregular skirt”, understand

The “irregular skirt” is simply that the skirt is a long-term version, which is completely different from the smooth line we wear. This has a short design that allows us to do so much leg-type problem, can do the legacy and slimming role. But to put it out of fashion, what is the design it has to know!

(1) Length “irregular”

→ The front short

The front shortage is that the entire design of the irregular skirt is a short-term front, and this skirt will most directly reveal the legs, so if you are short girls, this style of irregular skirt More suitable for you. Its best role is to extend the legs, but this leg will alterate against the cover.

→ The right short left long


And the right short left long design is an irregular design on the side. It does not necessarily require that all the design is short to the left, or the left side is short, just a collective. It is more suitable for rough problems with rough legs, and there is no legal problem, this irregular skirt here is more obvious.

(2) Elements “irregular”

Different designs of irregular skirts have a specific understanding, in fact, no matter which kind, it is for the long, different designs, and the girls who help different leg-cut problems find the most suitable style. The current irregular skirt has different elements to create a variety of styles.


→ irregular wave skirt

The irregular style skirt can be combined with refreshing aged atmosphere, this skirt is in the body with retro elegant breath, which will not look too happy, giving people mature and stabilizing.

→ irregular cake skirt


The surface of the irregular cake skirt will have a hierarchical design, but this cake skirt comes with a sweet feeling, so there will be age limits. In addition, its multi-level design will make the skirt expand, but after joining an irregular design, you can cleave this embarrassment, thus achieving a significant role. If mature women think this dress is too tender, we can wear long coats, such as windbreaker.

→ Irregular Lotus Skirt

Easy irregular water leaves design is also very good, this skirt is in the body to increase the level and design of the surface. Without the entire skirt, it is the style of the lotus leaf. You can design the lotus leaf in the position of the skirt, and the irregularity of the skirt is more natural, and it is not exaggerated.


(3) “irregular” stitching

Why is the irregular skirt that splices to say separately because it uses two different styles or a different material skirt, which has also formed an irregular skirt. This skirt has a richer element, let The skirt becomes unmatched.


→ Pleated + suede

The style of the pleated skirt is simple, it is very common in spring wear, but the suede is a senior lady, but it will look too mature. When these two are combined, it can solve the disadvantage Let the skirt become more advantageous.

→ Shirt + leather

The combination of the shirt skirt and the skirt is also very harmonious, the shirt gives people a sense of official feelings, and the skirt gives people high-profile and handsome feelings, they will be more cool, and the skirt don’t use a sleeve, It is best to take out the lace.


→ Crushed + solid color

The pleated skirt is combined with the mature and stable single product, or it can be combined with the biased single item, that is, a flower skirt. The two of the two make the whole person look younger, in addition, this will reduce the heavy feeling of the arsenal skirt, how to match it will not appear.


“Irregular skirt”, how to match?

Everyone has a meticulous understanding of the styles of the irregular skirt, you need to see this skirt and what kind of single item is just good, and the matching of different styles can create a variety of styles, and Xiaobian listed below. These common style, each is suitable for anyone to wear.

LOOK1: Professional light ripe wind


The wearing a professional wind is not to dress yourself too old, learn that the young style wearing, will make the whole person more comfortable. Therefore, in addition to choosing a formal single product, adding skirt wind modifications must be no two choices, it can make wearing more casual, no longer conclusion, and improve the spirit of the entire person.


→ Suit + satin irregular skirt


Professional o L wind except for the young direction, there is also the direction of mature women, this suitable for women with a certain position in the workplace. So the suit with the satin wind irregular skirt, wear good look and temperament, especially the satin skirt, add a long-on-fork design, will not give people too sexy, but can increase the taste and improve the high level.

LOOK2: Aged leisure

Leisure wind is definitely a more comfortable dressing style, it doesn’t spend too much energy like a professional style. In daily match, this kind of leisure is most suitable. But the wind can’t be created too much, it is necessary to highlight the temperament and the age of age, in order to make the whole match look fashionable and beautiful, there is no fashion in comfort.

→ Sweater + Floral irregular skirt


The skirt is very difficult to wear casual, can construct a leisure temperament need to rely on other items with it, just like the sweater, it can increase sports style, the lower body with the bloom, irregular skirt, no It is complicated. Pay attention to the style of the sweater to be loose, too tight, it will be very difficult, wearing a try to deliberately.

The above is about “irregular skirt” specific wear, this season wearing a dress, you can choose this style!