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tragedy! Hangzhou, a shopping mall clerk, is a 6-year-old boy to eat bread. If the child swallows a minute, he accidentally accidentally, and finally unfortunately

At 8 o’clock on the evening of August 14, Yuhang had a 6-year-old boy ate a bread, accidentally joined the respiratory tract, rescued invalid asphyxia and dead. The child’s mother Week said how she can’t think of it, and the child will eat the bread, how can you live?


Things happened to the first floor of the Wanda Plaza, the future technology city of Hangzhou, is called “Yun Yun” underwear store. At that time, Ms. We had chosen underwear inside, and three children played in the store.

The child’s aunt said that the clerk gave a bread of the nephew, and the child quickly finished.

The clerk is also at the scene when Xiaoyang is sent.

“The child wants to eat, our colleagues are also kind, giving him a piece, the bread is quite big, he will plose the bag, and then eat it.”

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The clerk gives the child bread is the girl responsible for the cashier, the day before yesterday, did a transcript.

Children eat the bath bread, the face is wrong, like vomiting


His hands are in the waves, probably uncomfortable, don’t let him touch him. “The child’s aunt said,

“I can’t get a minute, my nephew turned down, and the size was incontinent, nosebleed.”

The scene is frightened, and I have hit 120. The child’s aunt is still doing heart-to-lung recovery under the telephone remote command, but there is no effect. The clerk is also panicked, while playing 120, I ran to the mall service desk to help.

After about 20 minutes, 120 rushed to the scene, and he sent the child to the Second People’s Hospital of Yuhang District, but unfortunately the child did not rescue.

The reporter learned from the hospital that the child sent a breath and didn’t have a breath.

It is seen from the laryngoscope that there is a food over the trachea.

. Preliminary judgment may be suffocated in food blocked gas pipes.

Wanda Plaza lifted a cloud in the cloud shop, the clerk is young girl.

When the newspaper reporter asked about the same girl, a employee said: Our life is a good friend, she is very good, what happened to us did not expect.

“At the time, the child was on the side of the fitting room. After he was, his relatives have been doing heart and lung recovery, and the child’s mother has been crying on the side …” A witnesman said.

The Director of the ENT Branch of Zhejiang University, said in an interview with the reporter reporter.

Foreign objects are inhabit in infants and young children, and severe people will suffocate in a short time.

. More than 500 children in children who were inhaled in Zhejiang University, more than 500 children were taken. The most easily sucking the airway was mainly nuts, and the ranking first is peanuts, followed by melon seeds and mountain kernels. Small beans such as green beans are also very easy to be inhaled.

The most effective way to deal with foreign matter is

“Heim Lick First Aid”

It is also the highest rescue rate of success rate: using impact abdominal-diaphragmous muscles to produce upward pressure, drive the lung residual air to form a gas stream, remove foreign matter, make people rescue.


specific methods


For adults


The patient took the position or sitting position, the ambulant station or kneeling in the patient, surrounded by his hands around the patient’s waist, while giving the patient before the head of the head.

The ambulator gave a fist, making the thumb palm to stand at the top of the patient’s abdomen, 2 cm above the navel.

Use another hand to grasp the hands of the box, quickly pull the striking patient’s abdomen.

Repeatedly pulled the impact until the foreign matter is discharged from the airway.


For infants

I will hose the child immediately, and one hand pinched on both sides of the child’s cheekbones. The arm stuck in the chest of the child. The other hand holds the child’s neck, letting his face, kneeling on the ambulator.

Take 1 to 5 times on your child, and observe whether the child spits out.


In addition, the doctor reminded that

In this kind of situation in the baby, don’t take measures, usual methods are easy to play a negative effect.

Because the children are swallowing foreign objects, they are generally cards in the throat, not very deep. At this time, don’t let him swallow a motion or always go to the back, the simple patter will give him a deeper.



The above-mentioned three steps of the four steps used in adults can be used, or slightly bent down, leaning on a fixed horizontal object, press the abdomen, quickly upward. Repeat until foreign objects are discharged.


Rescue pregnant woman

For patients with extreme obesity and across respiratory foreign matter, it should be adopted

Chest impact

The posture is unchanged, but the left hand’s tiger mouth is attached to the lower end of the patient’s sternum, pay attention to not deviating from the sternum to avoid rib fracture.


For patients who are unclear

First make the patient become supine position, then ride across the patient’s thigh or overlap the patient’s navel, with palm roots, suddenly press down, and repeatedly.


Do not seem to have a pneumatic obstruction, but still can speak Heim Lick first aid method


. Because, at this time, he may be just an esophageal foreign body without a reflarmed tract, so there is no need to apply Heim Lick first aid.

After saving the patient with Heim Lick First Aid, don’t think that it is nothing. Pay attention to dynamic observation of patient symptoms, clinical signs and consciousness.


If sudden patient feels bad, you need to make a first aid phone as soon as possible.

And assess its esophageal, heart, aortic injury, and other possible damage.

Reporter Zhu Jiahao trainee reporter Liu anti-official

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