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Agricultural technology helps poverty alleviation

Employees of Tibet Mount Everest Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd. are manual pollination for bitter gourd. Reporter He Jianming Photo

After having breakfast and cleaning, the 34 -year -old villagers of Putchi, a villager Pu Chi, a villager Pu Chi, who is 34 -year -old, is like the “office workers” in the city. They are going to work.

The Puchian company is a company in Everest Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. She has worked here for 4 years. “We can get a basic salary of 4,000 yuan per month, and there is a performance salary based on the vegetable income of the greenhouse.” Pu Chi said.

If you do n’t leave the countryside, the Puchian family has achieved stable employment at the doorstep of the house, and the income has also increased year by year. The family living conditions have been improved: In 2017, Pu Chi family spent more than 100,000 yuan to buy a house car; It took more than 300,000 yuan to flip the house. Now the TV, refrigerators, washing machines and other electrical appliances are available.

Employment at the door of the house, neither delay Pu Chi’s two children who take care of the family, nor the more than 20 acres of green land in the home. “It only takes 5 minutes to ride a battery car from home to vegetable greenhouses, without delaying the child to send children to kindergarten and home cooking. Now the green puppets are mechanized from planting to harvesting. It can be finished and harvested at noon! “Pu Chi said that he was actually conflicting at work at a vegetable greenhouse. “In 2017, the company trapped the land in the village to build a vegetable greenhouse, and the county cadres also went to the village to mobilize everyone to work in vegetable greenhouses to learn vegetable planting technology. However, vegetables only have a lot of nearby Pengcang Village. Can you get money? Everyone has concerns. “

Under the guidance and encouragement of county and township cadres, Puchi still joined the team to learn vegetables. After a period of time, she found that as long as she follows the technicians with her heart, it is not difficult to master vegetable planting technology. From the original soil to today’s hydroponics and artificial pollination … Puchi has more and more planting techniques, and the technical content is getting higher and higher. Pu Chi said: “I now like the work in the vegetable greenhouse. The wind can’t be blowing and the rain can’t get through. I look at a vegetable seedlings I planted to grow up, bloom, and results.” I am very happy. “


In the past, the people of Bailang County were mainly planting green crickets. The vegetables on the table were mostly the same as potatoes, radishes, and cabbage. With the booming development of vegetables, everyone’s diet structure is also changing, and the dining table of Puchi has long been enriched. She said: “I pick some vegetables I planted home every day to eat. I could only eat radish cabbage before. Now tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, bitter gourds, etc. are common vegetables on our table. The health status has also improved a lot. Participating in vegetable planting not only made my pockets drum, but also made my family’s body healthier. “

In 1998, with the help of cadres in Jinan, Shandong, Bailang County began to build a greenhouse to try vegetables. Chen Hao, Secretary of the Bailang County Party Committee, said that by 2015, although Bai Lang’s vegetable planting has a certain scale, it is still small and scattered in general, and lack of leading enterprises and high -quality business entities. To this end, in 2016, the cadres of Bailang County invited experts from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and they went deep into the field to “pull the pulse” for Bai Lang’s vegetable industry. At the same time, Bailang County will cultivate local enterprises and China Merchants. Local companies such as Tibet Mount Everest Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd. can grow. Enterprises such as Green Biotechnology Co., Ltd. settled in Bailang.

With the help of the vegetable industry, Bailang County gathers the poor on the industrial chain, allowing the masses to enrich the industrial chain, and constantly establish the interest connection mechanism of the green vegetable industry and the poor. On the basis of, it is slowly transforming to a professional worker in the vegetable industry chain.

Chen Hao said that the vegetable industry has become the pillar, characteristic industries, and advantageous industries of Bailang County. More than 3,200 among the county’s 7,000 households directly participate in the vegetable industry. By 14,400 mu, the output value is expected to reach 260 million yuan this year. 3200 households only rely on the vegetable industry, and the average annual income of households has increased by more than 10,000 yuan. In 2017, Bailang County completed the task of getting rid of poverty and picking up poverty alleviation in Tibet County (district).

Author: Reporter He Jianming

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Source: Economic Daily