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How can the policy “hat” rush to wear?

In recent years, in order to promote the green development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the central government has wearing a lot of preferential policies for “hats”, such as setting up nature reserves, trade ports, and free trade zones. In order to grab these “hats”, some places once scrambled to “break the blood” -the place where the “hat” grabbed the “hat”. The hat “lost tomorrow.

Taking the Nature Reserve as an example, when the scope of the nature reserve is delineated, many places have applied for applications. However, as the ecological protection intensity gradually increases, the “hat” that has been worn before has now become “hot potato”. Because it is a protected area, some areas cannot be available, and some projects cannot be on. In the eyes of some people, the protected area brand has become the “tight curse” of development. As a result, some places called for adjustments to the scope of the protected area. In some places, the relevant departments were requested to “pick up their hats”, and some places simply broke the “red line” directly.

At the beginning, the “hat” that worked hard, but did not cherish it well, but threw it on one side to “bask in the sun”, and even wanted to “pick the hat” and “step on the hat”. It’s incredible. Behind the “hat paradox”, the utilitarianity, blindness, and randomness of “wearing a hat” reflecting many places.

In some places, when applying for the “hat” of the nature reserve, it was not really considered from the perspective of protecting the environment, but it was utilitarian to use policies, funds, and affordable; there were also some places that they did not suffer from sufficient when setting up the protected area. Investigation and demonstration, sitting in the office, a large number of people’s residences were classified into the protected area. Because there is no sufficient financial and material resources to implement large -scale mass relocation, the problems of subsequent environmental inspections are heavy. It is the waywardness when these places were “grabbing their hats”, and formed a unsolved knot for themselves.

Some areas are embarrassing to fall into Victoria Valley, and some areas have paid a painful ecological price for this.

The water mill wetland nature reserves in Shizhu County, Chongqing, in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, more than 20,000 acres of wetland nature reserve, nearly a quarter of the construction industrial park, the precious wetland ecology was devastated. The person in charge of the responsible person was held accountable and the damaged wetland was repaired; Dongting Lake in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, nearly 30,000 acres of private lakes seriously affected the wetland ecology and the flood of the lake area. Always remained motionless. After the media was exposed, the buildings on the private lake were demolished, the parties were detained, and 62 related personnel were held accountable; Zhenjiang in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, more than 7,000 acres of dolphin nature reserves illegally occupied, severely damaged, severely damaged After the ecological function of the dolphin reserves, after the central environmental protection inspector discovered, the agricultural planting and fishery breeding were completely terminated, and six responsible persons were held accountable.

If the nature reserves are still available due to the problems of survival and ecology, ecology, and development, the “hat paradox” is still available, then some pure “hats” are incredible to be thrown on the side.

For example, the central government’s preferential policies to support local openness and development to trade ports and free trade zones, these “hats” use the use of real gold and silver, bringing real benefits to the local economy. However, due to the lack of work initiative, “waiting, relying, and required” in many areas, and insufficient innovation, lead to the long -term policies such as the port, the designated port, and the designated port of the entrance fruit in the car The idle “sunlight”, the preferential policy of genuine cargo is used into a “zombie policy”, but the robbed hat is not used, causing great waste of policy resources.

There must be a real name, and the name of the Bin also. “Hats” are not casually given, nor are it just worn, nor can they throw it casually. It is not only a kind of honor, a kind of benefit, but also a responsibility. I only saw the honor and benefits, and forgot to the departments of their responsibilities. The result was not only unrealistic, but also the end of the discipline accountability.