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The new product of Sephora is so easy to use to repurchase 100,000 times!



Wen | Xiao’an,

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Do you think there is any change!

I changed the avatar hee hee


My friend and I went out to play, two days and one night

I am happy when I go, go back to the hotel at night to get tired of paralysis

Also removing makeup …


Then the friend pulled out a pack of makeup removal scarf very calmly

Go to take a bath in less than a minute

The rest is messy in the wind

What kind of operation is this, it is too convenient! Intersection

You said that I have such a good thing as a beauty blogger

Of course seeking virtuousness

After my continuous pursuit, I finally told the truth


It is a new product launched by Sephora

Actually I like to go to Sephora to buy things very much

So many big names are one piece

And Sephora often launch various big -name gift boxes

Super cost -effective! Intersection


As soon as I entered the door, I saw the newly launched fun -skinned series of new products

These colorful are too cute! Intersection Intersection

The price is so cute when you go closer

The entire fun skin care series has launched a total of four types of products, namely makeup remover, makeup remover, clean milk, lip balm. Each product has different colors and effects: coconut, rose, pomegranate, lemon, green tea, charcoal black. It also focuses on different skin care effects such as soothing and loose, hydrating, refreshing skin, rejuvenating, brightening, oil -controlling anti -acne, and purifying and decontamination.

Right medicine


The entire product launched by the launch can be said to be very intimate ~

So in addition to removing the makeup scarf, I also bought a lot of others ~

Come to do a evaluation today

Makeup remover

I bought several of this category

Including: makeup removal scarf, cleansing liquid, cleansing milk ~

Let’s take a look at it one by one:


Sephora pomegranate makeup remover

Reference price ¥ 55


This is my salivating makeup remover ~

First of all, what I want to say is the taste

Faint pomegranate flavor

Very similar to the taste of Estee Lauder red pomegranate water

There are 25 pieces in total!

You can see the origin of the nation -country France that I circled

It’s not just this, the entire product is imported from France’s original ~


Water and glycerin in the ingredients play a significant moisturizing effect

In addition, citric acid, pomegranate extract, etc. are extracted from natural organic fruits


Very peace of mind and not stimulating


And the pomegranate has a good refreshing skin -wake -up effect ~

Let’s take a look at the clean power of this makeup remover ~

Use a brand matte lipstick to apply it on the arm, the texture is slightly dry


Press the makeup removal scarf gently on the lipstick for a few seconds

Then wipe it again, as soft as touching

Then the lipstick was unloaded clean! Intersection Intersection

The extraction type is also very convenient,

The seal design is hygienic!


Sephora rose cleansing fluid

Reference price ¥ 49

At this time, the Cabinet Sister gave me a rose flavor that I tried it for me

The texture is emulsion -like liquid

As soon as it is exposed to the skin, it instantly turns into water, and the liquidity is strong

And there is the aroma of a faint Damascus rose

Although it is a makeup remover, there are still many moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin

In addition, there is the blessing of Turkic rose flowers, and the moisturizing effect is greatly improved!

When testing clean power, I am more tricky

Based on lipstick, I brushed a very heavy mascara

Then squeeze an appropriate amount of makeup remover

Massage dissolving makeup products ~

After it is completely emulsified, gently wipe it with a cotton pad

After wiping twice gently, there is no residue on my hand

Very clean and a faint fragrance, I want to personally want

Sephora citrus cleansing milk milk

Reference price ¥ 45

This cleansing milk is my second favorite product


I deliberately distinguished the colorful yellow color

First of all, the taste, very fresh citrus, very fresh!

The texture is lemon yellow emulsion, and the liquidity is very good ~


This is also very convenient, just apply it on the face and then gently massage and rub

Finally, rinse and dry it with warm water ~

Clean power is also very strong

Look at a comparison chart:


Can’t see the marks of eyeliner pen and lipstick at all

And it will not feel tight after washing, not only feels moist


Lip care

The climate in autumn and winter is dry, so the moisturizing lip is very important

Many people ask me why my lipstick is painted out without others.

The point is here ~


Sephora almond lip balm


This lip balm has a very high value, green packaging is fresh and natural

The small almond pattern of the outer packaging is super cute

The paste is mint green, the girl’s heart is full

The texture is smooth and pushed away!

Look at the comparison chart of the lip balm ~

Obviously, the one -side of the lip balm is more moisturized and smooth

The pink is tender, and the lip lines are not so deep ~


Let’s look at a comparison chart with lipstick:

The lipstick of matte texture is really dry

But after applying lip balm on the right, you don’t show your lip lines at all! Intersection

Sephora honey matte lipstick reference price ¥ 45

This is the only scrub lipper in the lip product this time

The hexagonal outer packaging of the honeycomb is super cute ~

Lipstick is pantya, with small matte particles in the middle

The main effect is to remove dead skin and keratin

In addition, honey has a moisturizing effect, and can keep the lips smooth and tender

Let’s take a look at the evaluation below ~

It turns out that the status of the lips is better

It’s just a little lip line and slightly dry ~

The movement should be light during the process, and the lip friction will feel itchy

Looks like a mouth that steals white sugar hahaha

And the taste is sweet, I want to eat very much

After a while, use a cotton pad or paper towel to gently wipe

Then you can obviously see that the state of the lip becomes very good


Lip lines are also obviously lighter ~

The lipstick is super beautiful!

With lip balm, no more lipstick is not afraid

The above is all the contents of today’s evaluation

Let’s talk about my experience of using this time ~


Sephora’s fun skin care series I have repurchased for a long time. I


Work needs to make up every day, and makeup removal with skin care effect really won my heart ~

It is also very convenient to attract me: All the products on the entire line are small and portable. It is easy to go out to play and work. Refuse big bags!


The most important thing is to use it enough! The cleaning power is enough, the lip care is also effective, and the price is close to the people, the cost -effective is super high! Intersection

Suitable for student party and busy office workers and other people



Wen | Xiao’an,

Pretend to be a very fashionable little fairy man & more male girlfriend who knows skin care products than you

Reference price ¥ 45