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Recently, a skirt is called “button skirt”, gentle and elegant, who wears who look good

#Unexpected new domestic brand#

It’s time to wear a skirt again in the new year, and many have already been ready

Romantic floral skirt


Sexy suspender skirt

Essence Everyone always feels when choosing a skirt



In addition to the new model, I can’t wait to start. Put your floral skirt aside first, and now wearing a “button skirt”,

It is fashionable with flat shoes high heels

History of button skirt

The button skirt is a kind of basic dress, but it has been added in it


Exquisite and beautiful small buttons,

This is distinguished from the conventional dress. In fact, the button skirt is a kind of


Trendy fashion items

Suddenly, the popularity started from 2016, but in the past two years, the floral skirts spread throughout the streets and alleys, which slightly stifled the light of the buttons. However, the popularity of the buttons this year shakes off the floral skirt street and has become this year

Real skirt king

Features of buttons


The most prominent feature of the buttons is the button element decorated on the skirt, which can be

As a decoration

, You can also use the button to control the dress

Split sexy level

Essence This flexibility has also become a major feature of the button skirt and is highly sought after. Of course fairy can use it more


The buttons to shape the color matching of the skirt, wearing a high -level sense of self -style

Single product recommendation

1. button dress

The basic models of even dresses are generally relatively long design styles, elegant and dignified, full

Intellectual soft charm

Essence This semi -high -collar pure blue design style has a noble princess. The skirt is added with pleated elements to add

Gentle and trendy charm

, Black buttons on one side,

Full of personality.

The belt and handbag are all pure black design models, and metal elements are embedded at the same time.

Gentle and refreshing breath merging

2. button skirt

The button of the button is more playful than the basic model


, Denim design style

Leisure and leisure

Essence Packing hips and waist cutting version, winter sexy charm with black short sleeves, elegant and gentle pink printed letters

Increase the sense of girly

, Little white shoes, create

Gentle and soft charm.

Bring a baseball cap and sunglasses to highlight

Sweet and trendy style

Recommendation of buttons

1. Long button skirt+high heels

Wide band design style button skirt

Refreshing and soft

, The arms are extraordinarily

Long and charming

Essence And the style used in the button is full



, With a white handbag, exquisite and gentle. Pearl necklace can not only outline the beautiful butterfly bone curve, but also increase

Wild Mature Woman Style

Essence With black sunglasses, it is streamlined and there is no lack

Cool beauty

This button skirt is a sleeveless vest design, full of heroic glory, white, white as the bottom,

Mild and soft

, Embellish the black buttons, form the basic color difference, symmetrical big pockets to play with leisure

Elegant charm

Essence The lower body is a big red chiffon skirt, which highlights the stunning and soft style. The black lace high -heeled shoes are full of soft


Add the lotus leaf edge on the shoulder straps of the skirt to increase the charming mature woman style, and it can highlight the butterfly bone



At the same time, the arms are more slim. The whole skirt is designed with lax purple,


Romantic and elegant

At the same time are full of small fresh and beautiful charm, with a dark purple belt,

Increase the waistline

, Create a capable

Girl Strong Performance

Essence The colorful streaming line handbag is full of personality, and it echoes the color of the earrings, forming a playful

Fashionable style

Tang Yixin is wearing a sky blue suspender buttons, the skirt itself has its own folds, full of idleness

High -level style

And highlight the waist slender and charming curve, increase the grace


Essence Milk white buttons are embellished, highlighting exquisite

Beautiful charm


, The fine strap style shows the beautiful lines of the shoulders, and the skirt is split.

Sexy style

Essence With black and white fusion color high -heeled shoes, it highlights the low -key

Beauty of leisure

, Dark pink shoulder bag full

Sweet and cool girl feelings

Shirt and buttons pure white design model,

Elegant and casual,


The super loose skirt version is particularly comfortable and low -key, and the tightening cuffs with a little wrinkle element, which is cleverly added

Avant -garde creativity.

Although this type of skirt is simple, the requirements for the body are particularly high. Only girls with tall figures can interpret the essence. Pour the triangle silver handbag as embellishment,

Quite creative

, With black lace -up high -heeled shoes, a whole set is full


2. Half -body buttons+Martin boots

Black patent leather Martin boots and skirts,

Super sufficient aura

The cool style is particularly prominent. The golden design model of the half -body skirt is full of high -level sense, double -row buttons embellishment,

Super personality

, The upper body is a refreshing white short sleeve,


Beauty Saton

, Similarly embellish the buttons, echo the skirt, and play high street style. With orange exquisite mini handbags, it emits chic

Childlike playful charm

3. Button skirt+canvas shoes

Bluster chiffon skirt is soft and refreshing, dotted with fine white wavelets,


Increase the sense of advanced Mori.

Three -grain white buttons are embellished, especially eye -catching, very


Essence With black canvas shoes,

Light Meaning College is full of fashion,

The upper body is a person’s portrait pattern white short sleeve, pure beauty and simple, the whole set of styles is very



, Worth everyone’s daily life

Passion with pick


This button dress is a semi -high -collar long sleeve design model.

Extraordinary aura

, Milk white pure and refreshing, black wavelet dots are embellished, emitting mild


Essence The skirt is a pleated split design model, which coexists with sexy and cool atmosphere. The combination of black canvas shoes and buttons, adding a bit of sweetness

Artistic style

Essence The handbag is a dark red ring design model,

Lead the trend

And add a bit of grace

Retro high sense

Pure blue skirt with a simple and cool summer style, dotted with white buttons, is more full


, White white cloth shoes are matched with it, full of gentleness

Quiet Girl Athlette

Essence The short sleeves of the upper body also choose a blue design model, the overall bright color is decorated


Very grabbing

It is recommended that girls with dark skin should avoid such a set of color selection. The black clavicle chain leads the avant -garde trend.

Personality is handsome and handsome

The gray denim skirt is strong

Vertical charm

, Black canvas shoes are combined with it to play with personality

Advanced charm

The legs of the legs are relatively obvious. The upper body is the avant -garde shape of striped short sleeves and bottoming shirts, fairy tale princess print patterns are full

Cute childlike atmosphere

, With a black shoulder bag and a dark baseball cap, leisurely

Wanwan and low -key

4. Ultra -short buttons+high heels

Ultra -short buttons are playful, no shortage of creativity


Sexy charm


Essence Golden buttons are combined with denim fabrics to highlight

Avant -garde charm

And high -level sense. Pure black loose short sleeves on the upper body

Simple and simple

, The printing of the big red pattern on the chest adds a bit of the whole set of styles


Essence With red and black tone fusion high -heeled shoes, playing with exquisite contrasting charm, and seeing the leg lines


5. Sling button skirt+slippers

Sliprs with log -colored tones are more than conventional home slippers

Looks more exquisite

, Embed a little plush element,

Increase the sense of advanced,

Fairies who like lazy styles often choose such slippers as out of the street. The suspender button is a gray -white grid design model, full of small fresh age reduction aesthetics, small black buttons for decoration, highlighting

Cute and exquisite

Trendly breath, fishing net woven shoulder bags to play

High -level leisure tide charm

6, tube top button skirt+small leather shoes

Black leather shoes are the high -end design models of loafers, adding golden rings, and ingenious increase

High -emotional charm

Essence Pomegranate tube top skirt is particularly sexy and refreshing, and this color

Especially white.

Black buttons form a column, dotted on the unilateral side, highlighting and elegant


Essence With retro brown red chain bag, increase

Elegant artistic meaning

, Dark Red Frame Sun Mirror

The coolness is overflowing

This button tube top skirt uses a mild milk white design, wearing a gentle and gentle

Sweet atmosphere

Essence Bubble sleeves weaken the shoulders lines, making the upper body look slimmer. The same color buttons are integrated with the skirt body, full

Gorgeous gracefulness

, Slightly split the skirt, bring a little

Trendy sexy

Style. Black leather shoes echo the handbag,

Exquisite and elegant

Recently, a skirt is called “button skirt”,


Gentle and elegant

Who wearing and who looks good, many little fairies always like to collect all kinds of exquisite and small buttons. The buttons are just more suitable for everyone’s summer match.


And rich

Elegant and gentle consequences

Essence Let’s start quickly