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Zodiac Tiger Cross Stroke Strip Sharing

This year, I specially made a cute cartoon tiger cross stitch drawing. I hope everyone likes it!

This drawing is easy to get started, 104 embroidery points, 81 wide and embroidered points. A total of 4 color DMC embroidery lines are required. When embroidery, the embroidery line needs to be torn into 2 stocks to embroidery.Everyone can also play freely and choose the color number of the embroidery lines they like.The drawings are currently shared with pictures in the form of pictures. If you need to print on the paper, you can pay attention to the private message I ask for high -definition and more suitable PDF files.


The Lunar New Year is coming right away. I wish you all the year in advance, more wealthy family, family fat house, happy year!


It is not easy, I hope everyone likes, follow, collects ❤️!

The specifications are as follows:

14 CT 81X104 Stitches (14.7 x 18.9 cm)

16 CT 81X104 Stitches (12.9 x 16.5 cm)

18 CT 81X104 Stitches (11.4 x 14.7 cm)


20 CT 81×104 Stitches (10.3 x 13.2 cm)

Bringing effect chart


Page first page of drawings

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4


Line number chart