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The first batch of sweet orange water tender pure sweet and sweet oranges ushered in the first batch of sweet oranges.

October is the season when the fruit is successively appeared. In the fall of this fall, we will recommend the green skin sweet orange in Yunnan.

金秋迎来的第一批甜橙 水嫩纯甜 这绿皮甜橙是有机方式种植的哦

Yunnan’s oranges are famous for Mr. Chu Shijian’s transplanting, because there is no trace of citrus in the local native fruit category.

Apple, pomegranate, banana, grapes, papaya, lemon, etc. are local native fruits in Yunnan. Citrus has been based on Liangxiang and Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions. Citrus in Yunnan is mainly my country’s native citrus varieties, namely rock sugar orange.

my country’s native citrus rock sugar orange is based on Hunan as the core production area. It is characterized by golden and smooth epidermis, pure and sweet flesh, good orange aroma, seeds, small, and generally listed in November.

金秋迎来的第一批甜橙 水嫩纯甜 这绿皮甜橙是有机方式种植的哦

Yunnan has developed rapidly since the introduction of rock sugar oranges. In the south of the colorful clouds of Wanwanzong, there is a magical and beautiful hot soil. Essence The rock sugar orange here is produced in the area of ​​Gayami, so it is also known as the sweet orange of Gayi. Because it is a unique dry hot river valley, the annual average temperature is 23.8 ° C, and the average annual sunshine is 2291.7 hours. There is no frost all year round. The land is fertile, the rainfall is abundant, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. Therefore, the rock sugar orange here is in the green skin stage. The accumulation of sugar and flavor accumulation has been exploded, so there is the earliest green skin sweet orange in this golden autumn season!

Green skin, sweet heart, an unusual green skin sweet orange.

Carthage sweet orange is pure and round, the color is green leather-semi-yellow-all yellow

Gamei sweet orange taste: water, sweet, fragrant

金秋迎来的第一批甜橙 水嫩纯甜 这绿皮甜橙是有机方式种植的哦

Gagmi orange fragrance overflows. When eating, the lips and teeth are fragrant. The fruit is round, the color is green, the internal texture is soft, fresh and sweet, and the advantages are so much that they can’t wait to start with one. It is a unique flavor of other oranges. It can clear heat in summer and the best fruit of quenching thirst in autumn.

金秋迎来的第一批甜橙 水嫩纯甜 这绿皮甜橙是有机方式种植的哦

Every detail of the cultivation of Gaymi Orange is well taken care of, strictly controls the number of flowers on each tree, and controls the gap between each orange tree for 2 meters, so that each orange tree can be fully nutritious. Enjoy sufficient sunbathing.

“Seven years of focus, only for a good orange”, this orange originated from the “natural greenhouse” Yuanjiang County more than 1,200 acres of planting bases.

金秋迎来的第一批甜橙 水嫩纯甜 这绿皮甜橙是有机方式种植的哦

It is planted with organic fertilizers here. It does not need herbicides. In order to restore the ecological environment, it is artificial weeding. The ancient variety of rock sugar orange has grown strongly in the red land of Yuanjiang. The fiber is tender, the fruity aroma is not diminished, and the seedless has become a rare green skin sweet orange in China.

金秋迎来的第一批甜橙 水嫩纯甜 这绿皮甜橙是有机方式种植的哦

Gamei Orange grows naturally in the “sheep dung” of Shi Shi Fat. This is also one of its particularly delicious secrets. It provides the fruit with continuous nutrition and ensures the quality of the fruit. When entering the bottle, the base never take pesticides, so the foodies do not have to worry about there will be pesticide residues. Due to the planting of this ecological method, the Carthage orange peel can be reserved to cook other ingredients.

Gagmi Orange is not cooked, not waxing, and not dyed, so that orange fruit plain face enters the market. Please ask the people to eat pure orange flavor.