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Mongolian mosquito account folding method is only to easily disassemble the mosquito net

How should the Mongolian mosquito nets be disassembled and folded? If the mosquito net is not used, how to fold the mosquito nets. Today, the honeypot ant decoration net editor will organize a method of disassembling the Mongolian mosquito net disassembly and folding method. I hope it will be helpful to everyone to understand the method of disassembly of mosquito nets.

1. Disassembling bracket

蒙古包蚊帐折叠方法 只要三招轻松拆解蚊帐

The disassembly method of the Mongolian mosquito net is first disassembling the bracket. The editor’s previous mosquito net is installed in the Mongolian mosquito net installation method. There is a bracket installation. In fact, the disassembly method is also necessary to reverse. You need to eat the original installation method in the opposite method.

For example, the Mongolian mosquito net is flexible multiple brackets. When disassembling, first remove each branch, and then remove it along the pipeline of the mosquito net bracket. Disassemble the bracket first.

2. Remove mosquito net

Some Mongolian mosquito nets need to disassemble the mosquito net. For example, after the mosquito net stent is removed, the mosquito net cloth needs to be removed for cleaning and drying. Come to clean

蒙古包蚊帐折叠方法 只要三招轻松拆解蚊帐

3. Folding storage

After the mosquito net bracket and the mosquito net cloth are taken down, then the mosquito net is cleaned and dry, and then the folding can be folded after drying. Fold it along the four corners of the mosquito nets.

Precautions for disassembly folding of Mongolian mosquito nets

Although the Mongolian mosquito nets are not difficult to disassemble and fold, be careful not to give the bracket section too long, which causes the bracket to be too loose and it is not easy to use it. Break out.

Some mosquito nets have pulling locks and curtains at the bottom. This should be paid to cleaning up. When you switched to locks, you should pull it. This is basic common sense.

The above is the honeypot ant decoration network editor to organize the method of disassembling and folding the Mongolian mosquito nets. Because each Mongolian mosquito net installation method is different, the way of disassembly is the same. In the installation and use manual of mosquito nets, there will be installation instructions when purchasing mosquito nets, as long as it is operated according to the instructions, there is no problem.

I hope that the honeypot ant editor will introduce the method of folding and disassembly of mosquito accounts to help everyone. If you think this article is good, you may wish to share this article with your friends around you!