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How did the eggs plug into a plastic bottle?

We all know that there are many wild vegetables and grass in the countryside, and there are many rural special products. Once you come back to your hometown, you often bring a lot of agricultural goods when you go out. After all All of them are safe and sanitary, especially vegetables, all pure naturally. But people will find some problems, that is, when many of them go back from the countryside, they will bring some eggs or duck eggs, and they are stuffed into the plastic bottle. Many people puzzled, how can this do.

Many people with high IQs will have strange ideas. For example, when some people say that when the hens are very young, the chicken butt is stuffed into the bottle mouth, and the eggs that grow up slowly when they grow up. Some people say that the oil barrel is hot with boiling water, and uses the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. When the barrel mouth is larger, the eggs will be raced quickly. I really have to admire the wisdom of the people.


Let me tell you about his true way! In fact, it is also very simple. You don’t believe it. That is, open a mouth on the side of the plastic barrel, but don’t cut it, just open a “window” like a door, enough to plug in the size of the egg. It can have a good protection effect. When the eggs are stuffed, it is very convenient to use the tape to help him with a tape.


There are many magical skills in the countryside. Little friends remember what parents have done, and make you feel incredible? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.