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Cross stitch customs? No, just need the correct way to open

Some relatives once gave me a lot of money that she had worked hard for more than a year, and was declined.

Because the house at home is too small, you can’t find a place to hang it.

Her eyes were full of disappointment and uncomfortable,


Indeed, for more than a year, when there was a little bit of spare time, he sat on the pony, bowed his waist and bent his neck, and fought on the printed embroidery with a needle line.

Everyone will be unhappy if his handmade products are easily rejected.

However, more and more people are starting to like different and practical things.


The same pattern, there are countless large and small embroidered shops,


The same subject matter was copied thousands of copies.

The first golden ground can be regarded as a masterpiece. What about the 100th and ten thousand?

There are too many choices for a few meters of square walls.

The emergence of precision printing has achieved cross stitch and destroyed cross stitch.

Relatives once worked hard to embroider cross -stitch, trying to support half a home with their own crafts, as they were promoted, but their hard work was denied unsatisfactory reality.

But the cross stitch may not be as unbearable as many people are speculating now, and it will still show inexhaustible vitality.

It just needs some inheritance, add some creation, and add some practical.


Cross -stitch is a creative art.

We thought the cross stitch was imported,

But this kind of embroidery method is actually widely existed in the embroidery species in my country.

Especially in Miao embroidery, he can find his trace in many places.

It’s just that the name is different. Some places are called flowers embroidery.

Cross -stitch is their commonly used embroide

For example, the dresses and the backbags used to carry the doll (some are also called back fans).


Maybe it’s because of the place where the plug,


Maybe it’s because of too many decorations,

So most people ignore its existence.


When they embroidered, there is no precise printing and color number.


All patterns are in the minds of the embroidery mother.

Back fan pattern part

Below is the cross -stitch of foreign artists,

She designed a simple and fresh pattern, and made the embroidered picture into a book skin.

Does it feel different?


Written in such a notebook, even the mood is getting better!

Therefore, there is no bad handicraft, only bland minds.

Simple cross stitch,


Simple pattern,

a very short time,

Coupled with your mind,

It will become different.

The picture comes from the Internet, invading and deleting.

Although the writing is clumsy, it is original for myself, please also indicate the source.