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Throw away high heels and wear these 3 pairs of flat shoes, which is too suitable for middle -aged women

When people are middle -aged, they have never understood themselves when they are young, and now they have the same feelings. In terms of wearing, you no longer want to pursue the so -called top fashion. I just want to leave more a few times of glorious, wearing exquisite and beautiful wear, enjoy the quiet years, watch flowers and flowers ~


It seems that life has become a poem, and the wind and rain are full of tenderness, simply and generous. So slow down, calm down to study the most suitable for you, it has become a very interesting thing.


If you happen to be so, if you happen to have such a state of mind, then you must wear these 3 pairs of flat shoes.

Why deliberately emphasize it is flat shoes?

When I was young, I always stepped on more than 5 cm high -heeled shoes, but I still have to work hard to run

; Now I can finally stop slightly, of course


Use flat shoes to appreciate the comfort of quiet years, such as flat ground, this comfort, of course, needs to be given to the flat shoes.


First: Love Shoes

Lefu Shoes is an experience who witnessed years and trend renovation. For middle -aged women, it is elegant and gentle for middle -aged women. It is no pressure to match it to match all kinds of wear. In addition, it can strongly release the temperament of middle -aged women, and it can also combine many classic items today to create a delicate and delicate look.

For most middle -aged women, it is all the glory brought by high heels. However, it is definitely more comfortable to wear than high heels, and as long as you notice some details, the lengthened leg length and extended body ratio that can be reflected by high heels can not fall down at all.


Details ①: Tip of the top of the shoe tip of the shoe

The toe of Lefu’s shoes can be divided into pointed, square heads, and round heads. But for middle -aged women, please consider pointed Lefu shoes for the choice of loafers. Polarotyford shoes are the most modified legs for legs. Compared with round -headed loafers, they may wear a sense of Musta a little careless, and the pointed Lefu shoes, it will not.

Shirt+smoke pants+Mueller shoes


Because with the details of the jacket, not only can it highlight the waistline, but also because of the design of Lefong’s pointed design, making the overall dress more elegant and intellectual.

Wind coat+loaf shoes


Because with the effect of raising the waistline, it is justified that the proportion of the figure is reflected in the X -shaped dress, and the pointed design of the Carrefour shoes will also be eliminated. Essence

Details ②: Shoes selected with metal design

The market on the market is also constantly evolving with the fashion trend. For shoes that are more suitable for middle -aged women, combined with fashion aesthetics and wear needs to comprehensively analyze it, you can choose the models with metal buckles.

Because the shoe with a metal texture is the best reflection of the texture, and the design of the metal shoe design. Compared with the shoe style, there are more versatile and classic with bow and hollow design. More in line with the personal charm of middle -aged women’s temperament.

Secondly, you can also consider more pure colors. It does not require any metal elements and fashion elements to embellish. It is a pair of single loafers. Although it is not as eye -catching as the shoes with metal buttons, it is also not picky in matching and is very versatile.


With a windbreaker, knitwear, sweater, suit, skirt, etc., there is no sense of disobedience. It can also show the elegant intellectuals of middle -aged women.

There are no decorative black loafers+checkered suits, mainly grasping the details (such as the waistline, the socks are eye -catching) in place, even if the shoes are single but will never affect the temperament.

Second paragraph: little white shoes

When it comes to small white shoes, when Xiao Chen and middle -aged women around me chatting, I can deeply feel that they have deep rejection of small white shoes. I always think that this age should not be so clear. Little white shoes. Putting on the age of age is “pretending to be tender.”


In fact, small white shoes are really friendly for middle -aged women. Its comfort is also obvious to everyone. Isn’t the comfort of flat shoes just a kind of indifference you pursue the quietness of the years? And small white shoes with various items are definitely hand -over.


Details ①: Choose solid colors, dotted with unknown elements

First of all, there are many small white shoes on the market. Thick, shallow, and high -tops can be collectively referred to as small white shoes, but for middle -aged women, some shoes are really not suitable for middle -aged women. For example, small white shoes with fashion elements, the shoe body is inlaid with various cartoon and personality printing. Under normal circumstances, these shoes will be very picky and temperament, a little careless, and it is easy to give people a sense of “pretending to be tender”.


Considering comprehensive consideration, we still choose a pure white shoes, and we can directly consider the flat white shoes for comfort.

In order to increase height, you can also choose a small white shoes with a little height design, but I still suggest that you give up decisively for small white shoes (also known as loose cake shoes) for thick soles. Essence

Third paragraph: Martin boots

Martin boots are the representatives of true and confident. They all say that people who like to wear Martin boots are unhappy and their temperament is not boring. It seems that these attributes just in line with middle -aged women who have seen too many flashy and vicissitudes. Therefore, in terms of Martin boots, it seems to be the close friend of the loved ones in life to relatives, and it seems that it is missing.


In terms of matching, Martin boots need to interpret the temperament, elegant, and intellectual side of middle -aged women, so the selection of the selection of models also needs to master the size.

Details ①: Try to choose a model with small number of holes

The most significant feature of Martin boots, the number of shoe holes is more diverse. But for middle -aged women, the more the slope of the Martin boots is not necessarily as good as possible. On the contrary, we must not only consider the practicality and comfort of wearing, but we should also consider the visual effects it shows.


For middle -aged women, it is most perfect for you. On Martin boots, the less the number of shoes is, the more conducive to daily dressing. In this way, we can choose 6 holes and 8 holes. Not only can they effectively avoid whether it will look short, it will also be more conducive to your wear effect.


Martin boots+suit,

The less the number of holes, the more exquisite it is. The ultimate display of temperament is even more generous. It will also reduce trial and error costs in combination.

Martin boots+suits+skirts to realize the sense of vision of the maiden MAN balance. Martin boots and suits, sexy blessings for skirts. For middle -aged women, of course, it is impossible.

Details ②: Shoe color is the first choice for black


As far as middle -aged women are concerned, the color of the shoes affects the final matching effect. So in combination with the needs of middle -aged women, the color choices of Martin boots are mainly based on the multi -choice of foundation+wild black. The color of Martin boots on the market is also diverse, but it is difficult to match the items in your wardrobe.

Black Martin boots are the most classic versatile. It can have no age restrictions, nor restrictions between styles. It can be easily dealt with with various items.

Well, the above is a middle -aged woman who is tired of wearing high heels. Try these 3 pairs of shoes. Comfortable, stable and very versatile. In middle -aged women, they feel good for years and show elegance. They notice these details a little bit.


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