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The hooded velvet cardigan, its fun “velvet”, free movement

Just entered December

Cold air coming again


At this cold moment

Youji has a new new equipment!

Light -quality fleece full zipper hoodie

Resist cold, warm the winter

Create exclusive winter sports warm equipment

The fleece boarded the stage of warm material with a character that replaced wool, and with excellent performance, it occupied a place in the outdoor warm layer.


In 1979, an artificial fabric that was close to wool was invented, which is what we are calling now. This is made by polyester material,

After moisture, there is still a material that keeps warm.

Not only has the comfort and warmth similar to wool, but also the insulation performance is twice the organic natural wool.

At present, there are hundreds of different fleece materials in the world, and modern fleece is still a polyester material.

In the same humid situation, the warmth provided by the fleece is twice the same quality wool, and it has achieved the initial positioning of wool alternatives.

As a revolutionary warm material, fleece has the following basic characteristics-

Rid -resistant; lightweight and breathable; fast drying; can be washing, simple maintenance; soft and comfortable, without itching.

Today, the innovation of fleece grip materials focuses on the combination of function: In order to change the thick and rigid impression, the new type of fleece hopes to improve the ability and extension.


The purpose of achieving “multi -purpose use” can not only be used as the middle layer, but also can be used as an outer layer and basic layer.

Plush as a personal layer,

Pay attention to the breathability of personal exercise, and provide the warmth and comfort under high -intensity aerobic exercise,

Youji light -grabbed semi -zipper -up neck shirt is a velvet that can be worn close and can be used as a warm middle layer.

The inner side of the stand -up shirt is a grid fleece with a strong texture, wearing soft and comfortable;

The design of the inner structure of the grid greatly reduces the weight of the clothing, and the contact points between the grids can be sweated and breathable.

On this basis, we developed again

Light -grasic fleece cardigan of the same material,

It can be used as a middle layer or wearing it alone as an outer layer when running.

The fleece provides a sense of comfort for the human body. Whether it is physical or visually, the texture of the velvet will send a signal to the human mind: this dress is very warm. After putting it on, you can better appreciate it. Its warm and comfortable effect.


And the severe aerobic exercise in cold weather,


Velvet can better balance warmth and breathability, and realize the combination of sweating layer and warm layer.

Even if the winter comes

People are not afraid of the cold and brave to move outdoors

In addition to the beautiful experience brought by exercise

There is also a comfortable body feeling brought by fleece

Whether it is rushing to the mountains or through the city

One piece of fleece upper body, direct lightweight and warmth