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The clothing fabric of the Beijing Winter Olympics comes from “Made in Jinshan”

On October 27th, at the time of 100 days of the opening countdown of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the Beijing Winter Olympics uniform equipment was officially released. Uniform is an exclusive identity logo for staff, technical officials and volunteers. A set of lightweight, warm, beautiful and comfortable uniform equipment is an important guarantee for successful running.

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The uniform equipment released this time can function the needs of various work scenarios of the Beijing Winter Olympics in terms of function. It is full of the charm and beauty of China’s excellent traditional culture in appearance. Advanced level. And the fabric suppliers of these uniforms come from in the

Kingsoft’s Shanghai Jialinjie Textile Co., Ltd..

Seeing in the production workshop, the staff is setting up the fabric. The front pattern of the fabric integrates the snow mountain map of traditional Chinese landscape painting and the core figure of the Winter Olympics.


“According to the needs of special climate conditions in winter, warmth is an important indicator. After testing, this fabric is about twice the same products in the market.”

According to Zhang Yinan, manager of the R & D department of Shanghai Jialinjie Textile Co., Ltd., in addition, this fabric still has both

Anti -ball, anti -static, light and breathable, large elasticity

Equation, make the wearer more comfortable.

In order to meet these properties, Jialinjie’s technical research and development team also encountered heavy difficulties in the development and production process of fabrics. It is understood that the Winter Olympics costumes use ink color, Xiahonghong, Great Wall gray, sky blue, and Rui Xuebai to outline the magnificent scenes and space artistic conceptions of the Winter Olympics. And these need to be achieved through printing, the winter Olympics clothing is extremely harsh on printing, which is undoubtedly difficult for the complicated fleece fabrics.

Zhang Yinan, manager of the R & D department, said that in order to solve the difficulties such as printing stains, unstable flower type, and decision -making positioning of printing, it consumed for nearly 2 months for process development.

“In the development of the Winter Olympics clothing fabrics, practicing the concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development, using recycling waste plastic bottles and textiles made of recycling.”


Yang Shibin, president of Shanghai Jialinjie Textile Co., Ltd., revealed that after nearly one year in the early period, Jialinjie finally signed a supply agreement with the official partner of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee with its strong research and development capabilities and advanced technologies. Winter Olympics staff, technical officials, volunteers and other uniform fabric suppliers.


At the same time, volunteer sports gloves, hats, and related international Olympic Organization Committee, Chinese delegation and national team long -sleeved sweater warming knitted fabrics.


“I hope to help the Beijing Winter Olympics through high -tech products, and honor the” Made in Jinshan “.”

Reporter | Feng Qiuping Gou Rui

Edit | Yu Luoyin


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