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Fabric teaching | Sun skirt, drawing+production process that will be learned as soon as you learn

It has a lot of names,

Sun skirt, umbrella skirt, A skirt, big skirt …

布艺教学 | 一学就会的太阳裙,图纸+制作过程

Anyway, this is a skirt paper that is happy to wear every girl to wear it ~

The skirt dances, moving ~

布艺教学 | 一学就会的太阳裙,图纸+制作过程

Be a mother and daughter, and it is not time -consuming

This summer, try it.

No complicated drawing and craftsmanship, you can get it in half an hour ~

data preparation

*Take 110 yards as an example, explain how to draw pictures in detail ~

Data calculation:

H (clean hip section) = 60 cm, skirt length = 33 cm

Waist length (see picture): (60 + 5) ÷ 3.14 ÷ 2-1 = 9.3cm

The length of the square on the square is: 9.3 + 1 + 33 + 1 = 44.3cm

For details, the picture is clearer.

Mathematics should be learned well, Jimei ~~

Counting the number may be a bit difficult, but you have a calculator!

布艺教学 | 一学就会的太阳裙,图纸+制作过程

Formula map

Drawing method

① Draw a 44.3 cm square on the paper

布艺教学 | 一学就会的太阳裙,图纸+制作过程

② Fold the paper to

③ Draw a 44.3cm curve from the center

布艺教学 | 一学就会的太阳裙,图纸+制作过程

(Will be a skirt)

Move slightly from the edge to form a curve

④ Similarly, draw a 9.3 cm curve from the center

(It will be the waist).

布艺教学 | 一学就会的太阳裙,图纸+制作过程

Move slightly, connect to the straight line to draw the curve

⑤ Cut off two curves with scissors

(Be careful not to move stacked paper).

This completes the skirt. Knock the blackboard! Intersection This is just a quarter of the skirt ~ actual cutting needs to fold the large square cloth before folding, and then put it on the drawing ~~~

⑥ waist size calculation

The length of the waist is hip circumference+loose amount+left and right sewing, that is, 60+5+2 = 67 cm;

The width is a loose width of 1.5 cm × 2 +a rectangle of 2 cm = 5 cm.

Setting into a skirt, very simple, three steps:

1. Switch on the waist with the waist of the waist and the waist of the skirt

布艺教学 | 一学就会的太阳裙,图纸+制作过程

2. The waist skewers in the loose band

3. Swipe the skirt.

布艺教学 | 一学就会的太阳裙,图纸+制作过程

Because the hem is curved, pay attention to uniformly when the inward folding car seam. You can use a small tool to be used for folding, called fish bone, and find it for yourself.

*The sample size is 110 yards, the skirt length (33 cm). The length of the other size reference is as follows:

100 yards → 30 cm

120 yards → 36 cm

130 yards → 39 cm

布艺教学 | 一学就会的太阳裙,图纸+制作过程

You can also do it according to your favorite length.

布艺教学 | 一学就会的太阳裙,图纸+制作过程

Is it very simple?

布艺教学 | 一学就会的太阳裙,图纸+制作过程

Do not forget the big princess at the same time as the little princess ~

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布艺教学 | 一学就会的太阳裙,图纸+制作过程