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Four -door push -sliding wardrobe installation first select the right four -door push -pull wardrobe

Nowadays, people’s clothes can be said to be more and more. Unlike the previous way of wearing a piece of clothes, people almost hope that new clothes can be worn every season. Therefore, more and more clothes need to be more and more commonly configured for many families. In the four -door wardrobe, the four -door push -pull wardrobe is a kind of wardrobe that many people will choose, because the four -door push -pull wardrobe is very convenient. Then I will introduce the installation method of the four -door push -pull wardrobe.

Choose a suitable four -door wardrobe

四门推拉衣柜安装 先选择合适的四门推拉衣柜

When we choose the wardrobe, we should consider more and worry about everything. First of all, we must be sure whether it is placed in the room or in the living room. If you want to put it in the room, we can choose the size of the four -door wardrobe according to the size of the room and our height. Then, you can choose the color of the cabinet according to the color of the painting in the room. If the room is brighter and the color of the painting is also bright, it is malicious to choose a relatively darker color wardrobe. If the room is painted with a darker color, then the room will appear dark, then we can choose, bright wardrobe, so that the room light will be slightly brighter.

Step of four -door wardrobe installation

四门推拉衣柜安装 先选择合适的四门推拉衣柜

After we choose the four -door wardrobe that suits us, we can start installation. However, the four -door wardrobe is divided into doors and springs. The two installation methods are different.

Spring together page door wardrobe installation step

四门推拉衣柜安装 先选择合适的四门推拉衣柜

1. Prepare installation tools, cross screw knives, newspapers or cartons, etc. on the ground.

2. Call out the classification of each board. If there are independent drawers and trousers, you can assemble them first and put them aside.

四门推拉衣柜安装 先选择合适的四门推拉衣柜

3. First find out the four ground base combination boards and base plates, twist into the black screw link, tighten the screw, and the bar floor and base are fixed together. The prepared black screws and metal screws are screwed into the screw hole of the base, and the middle side board and back plate in the middle are screwed into the corresponding position with the screws at the same time.

4. Put the side panel of the cabinet in the middle, then place the back plate on the ground, and then connect the two plates together with screws to tighten them. At the same time, put the other partitions in other wardrobes and connect. Pay attention to the partition direction and grid. The cabinet body was almost installed. Then connect the base to the cabinet body, tighten the screw, and install the drawer and other.

5. Install the folding spring on the door on the door, and then fix the door with screws on the cabinet. Move the cabinet to the right place. The cabinet is completed.

Summary: Xiaobian introduced the installation method of four -door push -pull wardrobe above. One thing we need to do before the installation of four -door push -pull wardrobe is to find out the four -door push -pull wardrobe we want. One of the hardest things that we want to do after we want the four -door push -pull wardrobe is to install the sliding door. Therefore, Xiaobian introduces the installation method of sliding doors above. The installation of the sliding door is mainly to install the folding spring.