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Well -Weekly | 2020 Who is the best Riwei?

Search for you the latest prestige in the global whiskey industry every week, let’s take a look at what major events have happened this week!

01) Who is the best Riwei in 2020?

Japan Tiantque whiskey, an emerging Riwei brand in the United States.

Recently, the BEVERAGE Testing Institute was announced in 2020. The winner of the best Japanese reconciliation whiskey is: Japanese Tiaque whiskey.

Is this reliable?

It is reported that in order to ensure the fair and objective of the selection results, the whole process of the selection adopts the form of blind tasting, and the team of experts and senior wine commodities is scored.

The scoring includes the following evaluation dimensions: smelling incense, drinking, color, lust, smoothness, and balance.

For the victory of the victory, the American Beverage Test Association commented that the liquor was as firm as a rock and a sense of balance. It was the first choice for the transition of Scotch whiskey.

As we all know, one of the major features of Japanese whiskey is “soft”, and Tiaque whiskey shows the classic taste of Japanese whiskey more vividly, suitable for all kinds of prestige flavors.

The American Beverage Testing Association was founded in 1981. It is headquartered in Chicago, USA. It is an independent company that provides evaluation for wine, beer and spirits. The consumer guidelines provided by the association have been published in the famous journals of major alcoholics all year round and have certain authority.

Everyone, what do you think of this result?

02) Johnny of 8.54 million yuan was added

Johnnie Walker was founded in 1820. It is the famous Scottish reconciliation whiskey brand of Diagio. It is also the world’s best -selling Scottish whiskey brand in the world. Scottish whiskey sales champion.

威周刊 | 2020最佳日威是谁?

Recently, a high price of up to 983,000 pounds (about RMB 8.54 million) in oil paintings about Johnny was added.

威周刊 | 2020最佳日威是谁?

The name of this oil painting is Jugs and Bottles. In the 1930s, Winston Churchill, who was once the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, was in the former residence of Chartville, Kentville, Southeast England. Draw.

On November 17, 2020, this painting was taken in Sotheby’s modern & post -war art special auction in London. After dozens of fierce bidding, it was eventually sold for 983,000 pounds (about RMB 8.54 million). It was nearly 7 times the expected transaction price before the auction.

威周刊 | 2020最佳日威是谁?

The whiskey in the painting is the classic Johnny won the black card (also known as the black side). This is also Churchill’s favorite. According to the auction staff, the first thing Churchill got up in the early morning was to come to a cup of Johnny with soda and won black cards to reconcile whiskey.

In the 1940s, Churchill had sent this painting to the then European special envoy American diplomat, Averell Harriman, who was a fanatic art collector.

威周刊 | 2020最佳日威是谁?

According to the Times, Evilir Harriman later got married with Churchy’s daughter -in -law Pamela Churchill. I don’t know if Churchill knows. After the death of Pamela Churchill, the painting flowed to the auction market.

威周刊 | 2020最佳日威是谁?

As one of the greatest politicians in history, Churchill has twice served as the British Prime Minister and leads Britain to the difficult years of World War II. It is one of the most important political leaders of the world in the 20th century. At the same time, he is also a whiskey fan. You must have heard his famous saying: This water is too difficult to drink, I will come to whiskey!

So the question is, do you have the most loved whiskey?

威周刊 | 2020最佳日威是谁?

03) The price of whiskey will rise in the next few years?

According to relevant media reports, due to the impact of the epidemic, this year’s whiskey output showed a downward trend as a whole, which will inevitably lead to this year, which is the whiskey that distilled in 2020. It is expected that value will soar in the next 10-20 years.

Why do you say that?

The whiskey wealth club said that the value of whiskey depends on three key points: age, brand and output.

The Scottish Whiskey Association (SWA) stated in a statement: On May 14, 2020, during the first wave of epidemic blockade, 87%of the winery either had a sharp decrease in the output of whiskey or the winery was shut down.

The new crown epidemic has forced a large number of whiskey wineries to be temporarily shut down. The whiskey that distilled this year has become precious.

In addition, according to the estimates of the whiskey wealth club, this year may become an important period worth remembering in the history of the whiskey industry. Because this year is the “most serious year in the history of whiskey history”, this unique historical period is definitely the best choice for collection.

Of course, in whiskey investment, the most richer investment in a single barrel.

What? It is not enough to buy a bottle of whiskey, you still have to buy a whole barrel?

The whiskey wealth club said that because the single barrel whiskey is a scarce resource, there are only a small number of investment groups, and the strength of single -barrel whiskey resources with 2020 distillation.

威周刊 | 2020最佳日威是谁?

As mentioned above, three key points of whiskey value: age, brand and output. When we buy whiskey, we must not only depend on its scarcity, but also look at his age and brand. The higher the age of wine, the greater the value. Both big brands are more reassuring in quality and services.

Jay Bradley, the founder of the whiskey wealth club, said: “This year is indeed a long -lived year. For many years, I have never encountered a situation where whiskey production is completely stagnated this year. The whiskey of the next produce will become unparalleled. “

Whiskey fans, you know, buy and cherish. What are you waiting for? Chong!

04) The birth of the new whiskey online auction platform

Recently, Idealwine, the leading French online wine auction and sales platform, and La Maison Du Whisky, a well -known French whiskey dealer, jointly launched a new spirits online auction platform: Fine Spirits Auction.

This is also France’s first online auction platform.

In recent years, the market demand for spiritual wine has continued to rise, and France has not had a local online auction platform. So one shot was closed, and the online sales experience of Idealwine and the retail experience of La Maison Du WHISKY were established, and this boutique spirits auction platform was established.

CEO Cyrille Jomand, CEO of Idealwine: “As a leader in online auction of global wine, customers on our website have also increased day by day. Therefore, how can we let go of this great market and whiskey world. ,we are coming.”

On November 20, 2020, the online platform ushered in the first batch of spiritual wine auctions, including more than 300 rare whiskey, rum, Bailan Land and Cognac Bailan. The auction will last until December 11th. If you are interested, you can click on the official website of the fine wine auction.

The above is the Weight Information of the week. Pay attention to us. There are the most comprehensive power information every week ~