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Xiamen Telecom: After Mr. Huang upgraded 5G, consumption saved 1128 yuan for 2 years to refuel money

Hello, dear friend, I am Ahao.

Case Sharing: Mr. Huang

There are 4 mobile phone numbers, 1 broadband, and 1 TV set -top box in the family

Original package: Ten Quan Shimei fusion 129 package

Package content: 200m, 20g traffic, 600 minutes

Number 2:39 yuan/month number 3:19 yuan/month number 4:19 yuan/month

Total: 206 yuan/month

After upgrading

1000M broadband, 60G national traffic, 2000 minutes of voice

1 main card + 2 secondary cards (shared package, free of charge)

The auxiliary card can be added to up to 9, 10 yuan/month/piece

Provide a WIFI6 Gigabit router for free

(The price is 399 yuan, the cancellation needs to be returned)

Original package price: 229 yuan/month, star customers

The telecommunications company returns 80 yuan monthly call fee and return for 24 months

Equivalent to 229-70 = 159 yuan/month

Consumption saves 1128 yuan in 2 years

The case in this article is for reference only.


Author: Ahao (a telecom consultant of a second secondary second)

Public account: Ahao Note

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