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Raiders | Play water+snow! Baili happy town can still play like this in the graduation season


Is your travel plan arranged?

The weather is so hot

攻略 | 玩水+玩雪!毕业季来百色欢乐小镇还能这样玩

It’s better to go to Baise Happy Town

Play water+snow+cool fantasy world

攻略 | 玩水+玩雪!毕业季来百色欢乐小镇还能这样玩

Let’s play with your classmates

攻略 | 玩水+玩雪!毕业季来百色欢乐小镇还能这样玩

Youth does not leave the field, memories do not leave white

The first station

Pickings in the future of fantasy world fixed youth memories

Go with classmates

攻略 | 玩水+玩雪!毕业季来百色欢乐小镇还能这样玩

Star River Fantasy Port Future Fantasy World


How to take pictures are beautiful photos

Leave your youth memory that belongs to you

The second stop

攻略 | 玩水+玩雪!毕业季来百色欢乐小镇还能这样玩

Cool ice and snow forgot summer sorrow

攻略 | 玩水+玩雪!毕业季来百色欢乐小镇还能这样玩

There are skiing full of excitement and adventure here

Experience heartbeat acceleration at any time

攻略 | 玩水+玩雪!毕业季来百色欢乐小镇还能这样玩

I can still feel the snow

Hot summer

Feel the coolness of winter

When I graduate

Invite people who like it to play with bumps together

攻略 | 玩水+玩雪!毕业季来百色欢乐小镇还能这样玩

Maybe you can touch love

Tired of irritating game

You can also rotate the Trojan

Feel the girl’s heart

Four Cool

Theme area

Great Cool

Playing snowy

15 major dreamy ice project

Unique ice and snow theme supply station

The last second Bikini, the next second down jacket

Come and feel the two days of ice and fire

The indoor temperature below zero is asked if you dare to challenge

攻略 | 玩水+玩雪!毕业季来百色欢乐小镇还能这样玩

The third station

Cool playing water graduation and screaming

Hurricane Bay

Just break free of the restraint of the sea

The coolest screaming

2.5 -meter high wave


Present the real sea experience for you

Big Sky Speaker

Starting from the height of about six floors

As if entering the huge waves of huge waves

攻略 | 玩水+玩雪!毕业季来百色欢乐小镇还能这样玩

At the moment of being thrown on the ZUI high


Welcome to you will be a more exciting water swing journey

Dense racing

8 -column competitive slide winding down

Lying on a sliding blanket, dive from a high place and slide at high speeds

The tension and excitement of the counterfeit

Let’s go with friends to soar quickly



The height at a drop of 21 meters

Slide quickly

Through multiple slides of different slopes

Experience the rapid stimulation from Langfeng to Langgu during the whole process

Jungle water village

Standing under the bucket


The baptism of huge water flowers

It’s really cool heart


18 -meter -high dark pipeline

攻略 | 玩水+玩雪!毕业季来百色欢乐小镇还能这样玩

Sliding to the giant bowl

After the sky rotation, the slip

攻略 | 玩水+玩雪!毕业季来百色欢乐小镇还能这样玩

After feeling the super centrifugal force from the deep -sea vortex

It will be strongly inhaled by a black hole again

Screaming and fun during the taxi process

It’s a couple and good friend ZUI love

Mountain SPA Pond

攻略 | 玩水+玩雪!毕业季来百色欢乐小镇还能这样玩

Tired of stimulating

You can come to the edge of SPA pool to meditate

The sight of the jungle


I just want to enjoy these beauty quietly

Graduation is going to get up

Call those who have accompanied you

Take advantage of time, come to Baise Happy Town

Start a graduation journey that says you go

攻略 | 玩水+玩雪!毕业季来百色欢乐小镇还能这样玩

Special one

攻略 | 玩水+玩雪!毕业季来百色欢乐小镇还能这样玩

Candidates for Candidates of Xinghe Water Park, 66 yuan

Only 69 yuan (original price 135 yuan)

Special Promise II

Special Tickets for Student Students Student Students Freshly reduced by 48

Only 50 yuan (original price 98 yuan)

攻略 | 玩水+玩雪!毕业季来百色欢乐小镇还能这样玩

Special Three

攻略 | 玩水+玩雪!毕业季来百色欢乐小镇还能这样玩

Xinghe Water Park+Star River Snow World+Xinghe Fantasy Port 135 yuan/person

Special Four

Baidong Circular Park experience off -road vehicle project 88 yuan/person

(Original price 118/person)

攻略 | 玩水+玩雪!毕业季来百色欢乐小镇还能这样玩

(Candidates: Participate in the 2019 National and High School Candidates for the 2019 and the college entrance examination test.

Candidates tickets are directly purchased at the ticket window with a admission ticket.


If you are not a candidate this year

does not matter

June student carnival season

Students only need 83 yuan

Elementary school high school college can be available

The activity time is limited, hurry up ~

攻略 | 玩水+玩雪!毕业季来百色欢乐小镇还能这样玩

traffic directory

Address: Baidong New District, Baidong New District, Baidong New District, Baidong New District, High -speed entrance and exit of Baidong New District

◆ [Take the high -speed rail]: After arriving at Baise Station, walk to the North Gate of the Southwest Commercial City (Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine), a bus of 13, and get off at the Baise Town (Xinghe Water Park Station) to get off.

◆ [Basch bus]: Arrive at Baise City East Passenger Transport Center, take the 13 bus, and get to get off at the Baise Happy Town (Star River Water Park Station).

◆ [multiplication line]: You can take the special line of the passenger transportation center of Baise County to the Baisexing River Water Park.

◆ [Self -Driving]: Drive to the High Speed ​​High Speed ​​High Speed ​​at the Guangkun Expressway, and you can reach it according to navigation. Tourists in the city set off from the west of the city, followed Longwang Avenue, crossed the east avenue of the city, and took the direction of Baise Avenue. Start from the city center, go straight along Zhongshan Road, cross the east avenue of the city, take the direction of Baise Avenue, and turn right to Guiming Avenue to Naxian Road.

◆ [Departure from Baise City]: You can take a bus 13 to reach the Xinghe Water Park.

(The above traffic information is for reference only, please refer to the actual details)

Information source: Guangxi Baise Happy Town Sorting

Baise Tourism Development Committee

攻略 | 玩水+玩雪!毕业季来百色欢乐小镇还能这样玩

Comprehensive arrangement: The Culture and Tourism Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

If there is any infringement, please contact the Cultural Tourism Jun to delete posts

13211488929 (WeChat same number, non -scenic area telephone)

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