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Do you wear a glove? How to listen to the disease control experts

“Prevention of new crown pneumonia to wash hands, don’t wear a big glove?”

“The new crown virus will spread through contact, or wear two gloves insurance.”


The pathogenesis is nothing, always makes people can’t resist, don’t wear gloves to become a thing entangled, today, let us listen to the medical staff of the Health Education Department of Chengdu Central Center for Disease, Director, Director of the Infectious Disease Prevention How to say it.

The pathway pathway of new coronavirus is mainly respiratory foam and contact propagation, in which contact propagation includes direct and indirect contact propagation. It is often played with indirect contact propagation media, and the hand has been contaminated by virally contaminated items. After the suspected ventilation space, if the public elevator button, the door handle, the electric control door button or take the bus, the subway, using the public toilet Wait, through the eye, digging the nose, etc. infectious viruses. Therefore, it has always been emphasized that it is necessary to wear a mask and wash your hands.

* Direct contact propagation refers to the sputum, body fluid, and feces, etc. of the patient or the virus carrier. If there is no diagnosed patient in the family, it is generally very direct contact.

* Indirect communication is the surface, sealed space, mouth cup chopsticks, or the like.


“” “Touch gloves have different uses:

1. Formulate disinfectant, wipe with disinfectant, need to bring rubber gloves to avoid disinfectants.


2, wear cotton cooker, leather gloves, down cotton gloves, etc. as cold use.

3, cotton gloves, cloth gloves, canvas gloves for labor protective gloves, prevent the hand of the hand from drying, skin cracking, injured.

4, disposable plastic gloves are often used in the case of temporary inconvenience to wash handwriters, such as eating in the trip, temporarily use disposable plastic gloves, doctors use the patient to check the patient.

“” “How to choose gloves

* Ordinary masses don’t have to buy and use disposable medical gloves.

* In the family, the unit is not recommended to use disposable plastic gloves, especially use disposable plastic gloves as a new crown and other virus prevention and control protection measures, think that wearing gloves is good, you can don’t care, wear your gloves and go to the eyes It is better not to wear.

In short: Not recommended, but you can wear it, but the hard work is more important. It is necessary to avoid the loss of small loss, think that wearing gloves is ignored.

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