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Prepare 618! Practical and interesting concepts Japanese award -winning stationery


Stationery is an auxiliary tool for learning office, which has a considerable stable application in life. Nissan stationery is generally recognized by everyone in three aspects: high quality, practical and strong creativity. Regarding the highlights of the stationery, Japan also has a lot of awards from many organizers each year to awards with various outstanding original stationery.


618 is imminent. This article will classify various stationery and summarize various stationery that has won awards and excellent practicality. I hope to help you buy and make orders from 618!

Neutral pen recommendation

Neutral pens can be said to be the most commonly used type in pen -type stationery. Its ink color is positive, fast, fast, and stable writing. It is the most suitable pen style in daily use. Today, the research and development of the new neutral pen is reflected in the simplified design, the rich core color and ink technology, which brings a more comfortable grip experience and a more colorful color experience!


1 Sakura Ball Sign ID

Ballsign is a masterpiece of the neutral pens of the cherry blossoms. In addition to conventional black, the series of neutral pens also provides a variety of retro dark colors close to pure black, and there are two thickness of 0.4mm and 0.5mm, especially at night Black, Mocha black, and forest black, can be used for daily use, very durable. The core color and cherry blossom high -end CRAFT LAB series also has a high degree of similarity, and this pen is added with a bit of legend!


The integrated and concise design of the pen clip and the top of the pen has both the convenience and the convenience of use. The cross -section shape of the pen is a unique design that combines hexagonal and circles. The overall holding is stable and comfortable. The excellent experience, it is recommended to focus on the daily pens!

The series of products also have PLUS versions, but the current price is more expensive. The increase in the pen material is on the pen material, which reduces the focus of the pens. The core writing function is similar to the basic model. It is also recommended for the basic version!

2 Mitsubishi Uni-Ball One small thick core neutral pen


UNI-Ball One, as a neutral pen, is not particularly prominent in terms of structure. It can be said that it is a minimalist. However, in terms of pen cores, Mitsubishi ’s exclusive One INK technology is used.

The neutral pen ink under this technology will not penetrate into the lower fiber of the paper. Direct solidification on the surface of the paper, fast dry speed, higher saturation, more black, and more colorful in color. Ink expression. Mitsubishi ’s research report in Japan said that students using Uni-Ball One because of black, more concentrated attention when completing learning, and higher learning efficiency. Black technology of pen -core ink is worthy of recognition.

3 Sakura Craft Lab001


The CRAFT LAB series is a topic product that swept the stationery circle. Although the series is updated frequently, the classic status of 001 has no brothers’ products to shake. High -quality brass brings a stunning retro view for the whole pen. The exquisite classic atmosphere, the feel of the rotating core and the retro and strong pen color tuning, which forms a perfect fusion in this pen.


The most representative top -level signature neutral pens in Japanese brands, whether it is self -use or giving, is elegant!


4 zebral BLEN shock absorption neutral pen

Blen’s appearance design once again shows that minimalist and integration is a neutral stroke design led by Japanese stationery manufacturers. Unlike the differences between other people’s homes in ink and appearance, Zebra’s efforts are put on writing stability.


The technology of Blen is that the pen is made at the pen to reduce the shaking of the pen tip during writing. The writing is more stable and more practical. And add metal heavy blocks to the front end, realizing the rare low center of gravity according to the motion neutral pens. Ink is also a dry formula for zebra, and the comprehensive performance is good.


BLEN as a whole is a solid daily use of a neutral pen, which belongs to the improvement of the zebra on the classic JJ15.


5 zebra Sarasa Nano retro color neutral pen

Sarasa Nano has the shadow of the zebra classic Sarasa series in appearance. NANO adds a buffer bomb pad at the top of the pen. It also relieves the unstable state when the pen core writing is eased to a certain extent. Compared to the classic zebra, NANO is configured with a 0.3mm pen core and the writing is thinner.

On the whole, it is quite retro tone, which is consistent with the color of the pen. It focuses on the retro color decoration. Sarasa Nano is a very good neutral pen!

Ball Ball Pen Recommendation

Compared with neutral pens, the ballpoint pen is currently many niche. The oily ink is not so pleasing, and the color is not as wide as the neutral pen. In my opinion, the core advantage of the ballpoint pen is that the oily ink maintains a very high writing smoothness. It is especially suitable for users who like smoothness. Such features also make some fine -pointed ballpoint pen still retain quite smooth writing feelings. Finally, the ball -beaded pen core is thinner than the neutral pen, which is suitable for a multi -function pen design, which is lacking in the neutral pen.


1 Paitong Calme quiet round bead pen

Calme is a breakthrough in the field of ballpoint pens. In appearance, it also adheres to the minimalist style today, but the pen grip uses the artificial leather material, which is the same as the hard leather in the anti -slip area of ​​the camera. Texture.


Pressing the motion part, using the mechanical structure of the upper and lower effects, greatly reduced the noise when pressing the movement, almost no sound, and more elegant feeling. In terms of ink and nibs, Patto has always been characterized by less ink, smooth writing, and uniform color. With a newly designed pen, it is a very practical ballpoint pen.


2 Mitsubishi SXN-1003 ultra-fine round bead pen

The series is named Jersream Edge. The unique design and the 0.28mm ultra -fine pen tip are the biggest feature of this ballpoint pen. In order to achieve ultra -fine writing, Mitsubishi specially made a semi -needle pipe to maintain ink stability, but also extremely thin. In terms of ink, it has waterproofing function, and due to the addition of metal materials for pen heads, the focus of writing the whole pen is quite low and the feel is excellent.

The unique hollow pen clip also has a stunning color matching such as red and white. The whole pen is also very strong. It is a ballpoint pen that is very suitable for carrying with you.


Other ink pen recommendations


It is necessary to consider novelty and practical both. Neutral pens and ballpoint pens are the most worthy of attention in Japanese stationery. Although there are many pens of the award, in terms of the experience I have used the pen, most of the awards in recent years are the products. Fluorescent pens, watercolor pens, scientific brushes and other products, Japan can occasionally appear several amazing award -winning works. Here I will introduce it to everyone!

1 Platinum PROCYON Pen

Procyon is a high -end steel pen of Platinum. I have always agreed that the steel tip pen at this price is in an awkward position, but this product is quite good in the pen -tip daily pen. The pens are equipped with a platinum air hat patented technology, which has the best pen gas tight in the world.

In terms of nib, a large -sized pentagonal pen tip is equipped, which has a certain degree of similarity to Lingmei, but the size is larger and the polishing is relatively delicate. The brush tongue uses uncommon low -income ink mouth design. The absorption of ink can not only sucked the last point of the bottle, but also better ensure the cleanliness of the nib.

A top steel tip with a good comprehensive strength is worth winning the premise of good price.


2 Guo Yu Mark+fluorescent pen

The fluorescent pen is a learning pen that focuses on labeling. The Guo Yu Mark series produces many products that are popular in the stationery industry. Double head Mark+has very good application ~


The pen tip is used in parallel two heads. The darkest two -color match can clearly mark the points and secondary points when using it. The pen design is elegant and cute, and the color is very practical.


In addition to the light color models above, the series also has gray models to choose from, which can meet different markup requirements.

3 Mitsubishi EMOTT Watercolor Pen

EMOTT is really the watercolor pen that has never been reduced after the launch. The design is really good -looking. Except for the entire set of all in, EMOTT can choose 5 sets according to the color system, which can meet quite wide decorative paintings and hook lines. need.


In addition to high -value, EMOTT is also equipped with a hard pen, which can be written in the handwriting, and uses water -resistant pigments to make a mark. Good -looking, capable, practical! Emott is a very good comprehensive performance in all aspects!

4 Belle Instant Pen scientific brush


Scientific brushes can be said to be a combination of a pen and a brush to some extent. The ink is a capsule for the pen, and the pen head is the soft hair of the brush.

Instant Pen is Payo’s latest scientific brush. In addition to the stable pen, its ink is still a special quick -drying model. It can also instantly solidify instantly in the soft hair pen, so it is named instantaneous. It is a very practical one in the current scientific brush on the market!

Pencil recommendation

Personally, the more I like to study stationery, the more I like the pencil. I personally study. Recently, some excellent and low -priced Japanese brands have also been manufactured in Indonesia because of cost. Japan is mainly responsible for designing and controlling it. There is no big breakthrough in wooden pencils. As a founding country for modern automatic lead, Japanese automatic pencils are quite mature in terms of structure or function, and it is worth recommending!


1 Dragonfly IPPO pencil

IPPO is designed in Japan. The contemporary Japanese pencils made by Indonesia. Compared with UNI’s pencils, the price is lower, and the face value is more discussed. It is recommended to buy a bit of IPPO pencil. Essence

Indonesian Mu’s texture in the entry -level pencil is quite good, it is very comfortable to cut, and the overall quality control is also good. Basically, there will be no polarization situation. In terms of blackness, the IPPO has the strongest writing effect in HB pencil. It is highly recommended as a daily pencil for children after learning.

2 Payo DR.GRIP center of gravity can be adjusted automatic lead


Dr.Grip is a very famous series of writing tools under Baile. There are many classic neutral pens and multi -function pens. This pencil maintains the consistent design of the series, such as appearance and super soft strokes.

The dazzling design is to set up three metal rings at the hand grip. You can freely choose the number of metal rings placed, and regulate the full writing center of gravity to find a comfortable position. Large, you can also self -adjust with age. It is a daily automatic lead that is more suitable for students.

3 Mitsubishi M5-1009GG dual mode automatic lead

The most commendable structure of UNI in the field of automatic lead is Kuru Toga. When writing the pen, it rotates the core of the pens through the feedback of the force to ensure the uniform wear of the lead core and keep the handwriting perfect.


1009GG supports the dual mode switch between turning turning and non -turning rotation, and a three -layer soft gel pen grip, which has extremely soft grip feelings, and can reduce the pressure on the fingers when writing. The whole pen is designed for low -hearted heart, which can be said to be the most comprehensive product in the basic automatic lead in the basic automatic lead!

4 Guo Yu Me series rotating rubber automatic lead

ME is an automatic lead with a large rubber and supports rotating. It takes care of the user who wants a cool rubber when using automatic lead.


I bought it for testing, this eraser is really cool. The softness of the pen is very comfortable and non -slip. However, the ME series is only 0.7mm thickness, which is a bit dissatisfied with the domestic environment of 0.5mm in China. Secondly, the ME series lead mechanism uses plastic triple claws, and Japanese pencils are mostly copper three claws. This is somewhat span.


5 Guo Yu Enpitsu hexagonal imitation wood automatic lead

Enpitsu is a simple and automatic lead. It uses a more thin hexagonal design to imitate the holding experience of the hexagonal pencil. The refill has been supported from 0.3mm to 1.3mm. It can take into account different use environments!

Enpitsu, which is lightweight and cheap, is very popular in Japan. There is a place for daily writing or painting!


6 Pattong Orenznero

As the foundation of the modern automatic lead, Putong has always held a pivotal position in the automatic lead industry. The Orenz series is a masterpiece of Pattum. Orenznero launched in 2017 is also a representative of the mechanical strength of Pattong automatic pencil.

The pure black shape is very domineering, equipped with Patto’s automatic leading lead technology and anti -interruption technology, and equipped with the industry’s finest 0.2mm lead core, and the fine characters are controlled!


Whether it is daily writing or professional drawing, Orenznero has very good performance, and is an absolute representative of automatic lead leadership in professional Japanese drawings!




The book of Japanese manufacturers is also a technical representative. The inner pages of Japanese books are generally very good. Not to mention absolute black technology such as Barukawa Paper, and the reason why students love the national reputation pages are easy to use, the paper has quite a lot of credit. Secondly, the Japanese -style volume has quite a lot of innovation in structure, which can meet different desktop and carry needs. It is also the reason why everyone feels on its brain.


1 Jincong Palace Compack Folding Living Page Book

The live page can be said to be the best choice for learning and organizing, which can be freely matched with the content. There are two common problems in traditional live pages. One is that it is not convenient to carry, but instead of making the left side of this volume on the left side of this volume.


The folding pages are resolved by the cancellation of these design and intermediate coils, which is more convenient to use. I want to use a novelty page book, I recommend the folding of Jinsong very much!


2 DAIGO Isshoni Crossing Notebook

Special designed for small desktop, with a narrow notebook used with laptop computers. There are two different sizes that can correspond to 13 -inch and 15 -inch computers. The paper is excellent. There are different inner pages and thickness to choose from. Desktop office artifact!

The inside page of the paper is recommended to use the cream base paper commonly used in Nissan notebooks, especially when using a computer, it can more relieve the fatigue of the eyes!


3 Midori Patto Speed ​​Cross Circuit Book

At first glance, Patto is a flat vertical coil, but the thickness of the book is relatively solid.


It is characterized by a unilateral sealing treatment, and the unused position is integrated, so that every time you open the book, you can quickly turn to the page used. The longitudinal coil is always emphasizing that carrying and using fast notebooks. Patto has strengthened this feature. It is very applied, but because it is to be covered, the book is relatively thick, and there is also a contradictory point for lightweight.

4 Guo Yu Silicon Tape Broken Word Book

The word book has a long history on the Guoyu Product Line, and the new strap words have once again improved the experience of the series of products.

The soft silica tape can be fixed on one side, relaxed on one side, and it is very clever. Ben maintains the excellent paper of the national reputation, and the writing experience is excellent. Broken support supports manual opening, you can replace the inner page and recycling, which is a weapon for learning English words!


Rubber recommendation

Japanese rubber also has many prominent representative products. Not only is it not to be cleaned, but also the convenience and durability of use. Of course, the price -oriented Nissan rubber price will generally be relatively high, which is more suitable for adults. It is not suitable for children who are prone to rubber.


1 Kutsuwa magnetic rubber

Kutsuwa’s classic technology magnetic rubber is to add iron powder to the rubber, and then add magnets to the other end. This can suck the crumbs under the rubber through the magnets, and then dispel the demagnetization.

It can be said that it is a very creative product to clean up rubber dandruff!


2 Kutsuwa Mazi-KESHI replacement core magnetic suction rubber

Like the classic mechanism, but by adding plastic cases, it can be used to replace the cycle of rubber blocks, and it can collect debris in the debris cabin and then concentrate. Intersection

3 Dragonfly Mono-Tough durable rubber

The Mono series is the masterpiece of the dragonfly. The classic rubber is also a representative of Japanese rubber; the Tough model is a strong tough treatment on the basis of Mono. On the one hand, it has stronger body toughness, abrasion resistance, small consumption, and difficult to break; On the other hand, it has a specially designed alien protective cover;

The protective cover reduces the side force when the rubber wipe is reduced in a particularly use direction, so that the rubber will not be broken; I actually tested that the eradication effect of this eraser and the effect of clutter are quite good. It is a very comprehensive ability. Highlights of daily rubber!

4 Sun Star Multifiel Rubber


Anyone who has used rubber knows that the corner of the rubber is wiped out because the contact area is small, the effect is quite prominent, and it can control the positioning position of the erase. With fine processing, the solar star has a total of 45 corners in total, and it is always guaranteed to ensure a good eradication effect. If the manufacturer recommends that there is no angle, you can cut it along the original factory line, and you can harvest the perfect eradication experience!


Miscellaneous stationery recommendation

In addition to writing tools and volumes, Japanese stationery also has many independent products in terms of booking machines, scissors, glue, desktop storage, etc., which improves stationery efficiency and makes operations more convenient. The best brands of these application stationery are the reputation of the country. The corresponding style of buying the country’s reputation if you want to ask the stationery is basically not wrong!

1 Guo Yu 2Way Uniforms Scissors


2Way is a special scissors for the opening of Guoyu to locate express. You can retract the blade with the sliding button and use it to cut the sealing belt. The scissors are specially biased to make the cutting effort when cutting.

The switching of the two modes, whether it is scissors or unpacking blades, is very easy to use. Nowadays, a 2Way can be used in the family to get most of the life of most scissors and American workers ~

2 Fujii Pencut pen -type scissors

Pen -shaped scissors are more and more concerned because of small and portable. There are many lives in many living environments in the bag ~

Fujii Pencut’s Harda characteristics are that scissors make two soft rubber handshake, which can put their hands in the rubber cover. Compared with non -fixed portable scissors, it is closer to the feeling of use of conventional scissors. the design of.

However, it is worth mentioning that although this scissors are designed in Japan, it is produced in China, and then imported to domestic sales. It’s much more.


3 Guo Yu GLOO right -angle solid glue

Guo Yu can be said to be a fire in the country in recent years. The right -angle design makes it easier to apply. At present, there are three different colloids: blue, gray, and orange. Blue can be discouraged, the strongest glue adhesion, and the smoother smell of orange glue.


The appearance is high, plus a good experience and rich option, GLOO is currently the best glue stick for home!

4 Guo Yu Bai Bai Cover Plug -in


Dot glue is a new double -sided glue led by Guoyu. Through the design of a correction band, double -sided glue is cut to make the use of double -sided glue more convenient. In the first generation, there was no protective cover, and the dust was easy to stain the tape. The new Guo Yu dot -point glue was protected in terms of dustproof. It was more stable and required for double -sided glue.

5 MAX Save the Booking Machine


The representative brand of Japanese booking machines is MAX, and their efforts to save book booking machines are equipped with very practical technologies.

First of all, through the double pole bars up and down, it is very effortless to completely solve the difficult experience that the book booking machine must be pressed hard.

Secondly, the nails that are ordered are flat pinnaches. The overall flatness is high, and the disassembly is simple. There is also a conservation device at the tail. If you want a refreshing bookmaker, the MAX classic model should not be missed!


6 Midori non -slip ruler

The overall simple aluminum ruler, but it gives them the extremely high stability of the line through the shape design, and it can be quickly picked up by pressing it. It is very convenient and extremely characteristic of aluminum ruler!


7 Jingong PEGGY Cave Board


The desktop storage artifact, the Jingong PEGGY cave board, the original factory designed multiple boxes and hooks, which can be placed in various urinals to sign the desktop stationery to achieve three -dimensional storage, so that the small desktop is beautiful and can be swapped!



The above is all the Japanese award -winning stationery compiled this time. I hope to help the stationery purchases and orders during the 618 period. Thank you for reading and look forward to the next exchange!