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Technical post: The elimination of the rubber band indentation and the five preventive tips after the heat is hot, super practical

There are often hairdressers to send private messages, saying that the rubber band pressure marks occur after hot hot hotness, which affects the effect of perm. Pull it with a splint yourself. The effect is not obvious. Even if the temperature is raised, there is no effect. How to eliminate the indentation of the rubber band and how to prevent the indentation?

In this issue of hairstyle, for the hairdressing colleagues, share my handling skills for the rubbing taste after the hot hot scalding, and the five tips for preventing the indentation. Friends who need it.

The elimination method of rubber band indentation after hot scalding


The indentation occurs after heating is mainly caused by the fact that there are no preventive indentation measures before heating.

In fact, many friends encounter this kind of problem, and most people choose to go with a splint. But you will find that you are at a temperature of 200 degrees, and it seems that the effect is not obvious. This is because the hair cannot be disassembled under the drying state, no matter how many times the clip, the temperature can’t work.


The method of dealing with this situation is like this. Stick a little water on the fingers, and rub it repeatedly at the position of the indentation to ensure that the hair of this part is dipped in water, and the water should not be too much, just wet the hair. You can also use a towel to dip the water to gently wipe the creases. After the hair is soaked, it will be parked naturally for three or five minutes, so that the hydrogen bond in this part reacts. At this time, you can easily eliminate the marks at a temperature of 140 degrees. Remember, do not have too much moisture, it is best not to spray it with a watering pot.

After processing the marks, it is better to use paste -like setting. When using an paste, remove all the bar. Fastly apply cream -shaped fixed type. Then gently restore the curls with your hand. The part of the indentation repeatedly rubs with the hand. Ten minutes of parking can be washed.

Five methods to prevent heating of indentation

Understanding the principle of hot and hot, in fact, this problem is very easy to deal with. No matter how good it is, it is also a passive approach. Instead of finding a way to eliminate the indentation, it is better to prevent it in advance. Isn’t it easier and more troubled? Here are five tips for indentation during heating.

1. Strictly control the position of softening and plan to scal the two laps, and only soften the position of two laps. If the painting position is not accurate enough and the position is too high, it will not only affect the design effect, but also cause rubber band indentation.

It is recommended to train the assistant to soften the assistant, or the position of the intensity, and try to soften as much as possible, especially the calculation of the number of circles must be accurate, and it can also reduce the phenomenon of excessive soft application position.

2. If the position of the softening is too high, the water control must be controlled within the required circle. When spraying water, block it with your hand to avoid spraying to the position without scalding. As long as you do not get water, even if the soft position is too high, there will be no indentation.

Moisture control is a very important link. In addition to controlling the proportion of water, it is also necessary to control the location of the water spray. Too low and too high will affect the number of circles after perm, and even cause embarrassment of rubber band indentation.

3. You soften two laps, and you can roll a circle more when rolling the bar. Because the extra circle is not softened, it will not be scalded. During the process of heating, it can also play a role in heat preservation and reduce the possibility of rubber band indentation.

If it is rolled to the root of the hair, you can only use a needle or other ways to isolate the rubber band from the hair, which can also reduce the occurrence of indentation.

4. Use anti -pressure marks insulation cotton. Or stuffing the cotton pad under the rubber band can prevent the indentation from appearing.

5, some indentation is not necessarily caused by rubber bands. If the position of the security clip is not handled well. Printing may also appear after heating. When you add a warming clip, you must pay attention to the angle. Observe whether it affects the hair and make adjustments.


As long as you can do the above points. It is impossible to occur after heating. Simple and practical tips for everyone. I like my dry goods to share a praise and encourage. I like my perm practical skills, follow me, and let you do not get lost.


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The dry goods are uninterrupted, sharing non -stop, let’s see you next time!


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