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Crystal shoes of the new era

Byonce recently took his daughter Lan to watch the game.


Narrow sunglasses + Jacquemus irregular half skirt + transparent short boots, dressed very delicately.


The pair of Manolo Blahnik short boots on her feet, $ 745, Chrissy Teigen obviously also liked it.

Attended the event and wore it.


In the past two years, transparent shoes have become more and more popular. By this year, it has become a fire.


Not just Beyonce, the major brands have also stamped!

On the spring and summer of this year, Alexander Wang and Prabal Gurung have transparent sandals.

Oscar de La RENTA and Jimmy Choo have transparent upper pointed shoes, and the five toes can be clearly seen.


Balmain and Chanel have various transparent boots.


To say the shape, transparent shoes are really ugly.


Kaia puts on a long leg, without damage.


Kim Kardashian put it on, and it was okay.

From big names to big stars, they are sought after …

Will transparent shoes become the crystal shoes of the new era?

But don’t forget that except for Cinderella, others are struggling to wear crystal shoes.

Transparent shoes are also very picky.


First of all, lack of sense of existence, and accidentally looked at it, thinking that Kim Kardashian walked on his barefoot, his head was light.

Secondly, people can’t help but stare at your little feet.


Small faults in the foot of the foot will be amplified!

Third, it is the most worried issue, which is not breathable!


Look at the PVC high-heeled shoes that OFF-White and Jimmy Choo cooperated this season, placed like a delicate candy …

Wearing on your feet is the Bella Hadid demonstration effect posted by her mother -in -law–


The shoes are foggy!


Boots are even more serious.


The fourth season of the Yeezy series of Kanye was released outdoors. The weather was 30 degrees, and the models stood for a few hours, and they were so hot that they fainted.

The PVC transparent boots were also foggy, turning into a mobile sauna.


Don’t blame the models to have athlete, transparent material.


Byonce’s Givenchy’s latex skirt worn by Met Gala the previous year was also foggy behind the fart.


How to solve this embarrassing problem while catching fashion?


Two methods. The first is to give up short boots and wear sandals! All -round breathable.

Kerr has recently wore these $ 110 Steve Madden with a skirt.

Even the heels are transparent, and it is hard to wear this day to wear this day.

Bella and Jin Xiaomei use transparent sandals with various handsome pants.

Bella’s sandals are from MERAH VODIANOVA, a pair of £ 325.


Sofia Richie is also worn, and the right foot is wearing the same brand of the same brand. Only the belt of the instep is transparent.

This only half is a transparent sandals, and Manolo Blahnik also has a pair of $ 745.


The style is called Estro sandals, and Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, and Kerr are through different colors.

I guess, compared with all transparent sandals, local transparency should be higher.

The second way to prevent small feet from fog is to wear socks in transparent shoes.


When the fishing net socks were the hottest last year, Jin Xiaomei put on her brother -in -law’s Yeezy short boots.

Attract the imitation of girls from all over the world.

This year, translucent black silk + transparent shoe has become a higher topic.


Similar to Alexander Wang’s runway this spring and summer.

Bella and Li Yuchun have dressed up like this.


Ah, how can I get a few years ago, Li Yuchun will wear it one day.

In the just -released autumn and winter series, Alexander Wang continued this route.

Looking closely, the toes on the right still have a slight fog.


So 100%to prevent this phenomenon, it seems that you can only wear cotton socks in transparent shoes.

I think it’s pretty good!

Change a pair of socks is like changing a pair of shoes.


Transparent sandals + cotton socks are also feasible.

For example, the pair of Scolto Munlto Muselto Muelto Muelto sandals that have been worn by Kardashian, Beyonce, and Japan …

The second time I was worn, and a pair of red and white Barbari cotton socks were added.

Full transparent shoes, it will not buried the value of the socks at all!

There are also these pairs of Margot Robbie and Suki Waterhouse, Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s Olympia slope and sandals …

The face value comes from the different colors of the soles, $ 445 a pair.


You can also match the socks to make a contrasting game, making your shape more interesting.

Therefore, how to wear transparent shoes or something.

Don’t force yourself to wear crystal shoes as a princess, playing new tricks is the happiest ~