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Is it ugly in early spring to wear “black silk+sneakers”? Try these shoes, fashionable, elegant and high -level

After entering early spring, ordinary people not only use denim, trench coats, suit, or grandma shirts to replace coats and down jackets, but also learn to expose their legs appropriately, or replace black leggings with black silk to interpret the laziness and sexy of mature women. Essence


However, many people are particularly easy to step on the lightning. Either the top is not properly matched, or it does not seem to wear the shoes, especially the sneakers, it seems comfortable, but because it does not match the black silk style, the effect is very shocking. Is it ugly in early spring to wear “black silk+sneakers”? Try these shoes, fashionable, elegant and high -level, let’s take a look together!

1. Wear black silk with less sneakers, more leather shoes and boots

Black stockings are synonymous with elegance and sexy, which can not only highlight the leg lines, but also create a charming and mysterious feeling of hugging the pipa half -covering face, so it is the first choice for many fashionables to wear in early spring.

However, the effect of black silk is very different. Some people can use black stockings to show their modern fashion temperament, but some people can hardly hide the rustic and even tacky.

The key is two points. The first is the overall match. The black silk is too charming, so in the top of the top, in fact, it is recommended to be capable of capable classical items, such as suits, long trench coats, or tough denim skirts, high waist and short and short and short short and short and short short short and short short and short short and short short and short short and short short and short short and short short and short short and short short and short short and short short and short short and short short short short short short waist and short short and short short waist shorter Skin skirt, create a mother -of -MAN feeling.


The style of shoes used in black silk must improve the texture of the dress, otherwise it looks too casual or cumbersome. In addition, the style of the shoe cannot be too different from the black silk. Most of the white sneakers are more common. I feel.


Daddy has a lot of shoes, with black wires that are tightly wrapped in legs, which are particularly easy to expose the calf short board and cannot modify the leg lines.

Second, black silk+Maryzhen shoes

French bloggers have always been masters of black silk. They like to use various leather shoes or thick heel boots to enhance the texture texture, especially Maryzhen shoes, French women or French style bloggers will not be missing Essence


In the early spring, Maryzhen shoes have been used. Such shoes use leather fabrics, plus the playful lady’s version design, can easily add a sense of girlishness to the dressing to avoid being too mature.

It is recommended that you choose black or retro red Marizo shoes. The former is the most versatile and practical, and the latter can light up the shape, emphasizing retro French style, and black silk is more delicate and lazy.

Third, black silk+boots


In addition to Maryzhen shoes, it is also recommended that you use long boots to replace the sneakers. One is because the boots are made of cortex, which is more modern and fashionable. It will never be obscure when walking on the street.

The second is because it is easy to expose the disadvantages of the legs like black silk, and it is easy to expose the shortcomings of the leg shape, and the more transparent black stockings like the above. If the shoe is too short, it will be refreshing.

The solution is to minimize the area of ​​the thighs and calves. For example, if you use long boots to connect black silk, you can cleverly shorten the exposed skin area, which is thinner and more generous.


Of course, there are many reasons for everyone to choose boots. For example, the volume of boots is relatively large. With black silk, there will be no head heavy feet. The overall dress will be more stylish.

In addition, boots are especially suitable for creating a “disappearance of the lower shirt”. Like a suit with high -waisted short skirts and high -waisted shorts, it can easily interpret the fashionable and elegant European and American spicy girl style or French style.

Fourth, black silk+short boots

The boots are relatively more existing. The short boots are flexible and are also a good partner for black silk.

However, it should be noted that black silk matches the style balance, so try not to choose too feminine boots, such as pointed high -heeled boots, you can try more heels, chimney boots, Martin boots or Chelsea boots. There is a look.

And in addition to improving the sense of fashion on the streets, the handsome and unruly short boots can also weaken the tacky sense of black silk.

In addition, it is recommended that you choose more black short leather jackets, black suits, gray short coats or khaki long trench coats. It can be worn with high -waisted hip skirts to wear classic and high -end to win beautiful.


However, it should be noted that there must be waist treatment in the shape. The color of the short boots should echo the black silk, and the metal accessories will be more advanced.

5. Black silk+off -back shoes

If your head is more petite, you can’t control the boots, or you want to emphasize elegance and femininity, then wearing black silk in early spring is recommended to choose off -back shoes.

Like the pointed back shoes designed with a wine glass, or the word -of -heeled shoes, it is the first choice for ordinary people to wear. It can not only extend the leg length, but also create an elegant and sexy early spring look.

But the back shoes must be black, which is more coherent to connect black silk.

It can be seen from the above that ordinary people in early spring want to wear black silk out of fashion and high -level sense, as long as the shoes above replace the sneakers, it is easy to be fashionable!

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