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“818 fever festival”, the big price is as low as 19.9 yuan, give you the most burning

In the middle of the eye, I believe that most of the fairy men’s fairy have grain, and the wallet is also quite safe, and the desire to buy is still awkward.


Nitrogen, 618 has been walking, Double 11 is too far, there is no discount, there is more cool, then there is more difficult to eat in the end of the month.

How to break, don’t worry, over Tanabata is the supermark of 818 “fever” shopping festival, Trust



The blessings, Tanabata buy gifts a lot of discounts, can both cost into the big card, and can be happy.

And there is no pig boys, girls are not forgotten by the lively Tanabata, just with “818”

Shopping Festival

Qingqing shopping cart ~


# 盼 生,, 眼 很眼 重要 # #

△ 菲 poetry small rotating automatic double head stereo model eyebrow pencil

I don’t want to make a small new fresh, I have to choose a kind of eyebrow / eyebrow powder, which is drawn from the eyebrows, and out the eyebrows with the direction of eyebrows. Finally, press the eyebrow with the fingers, remember that the brow must be light! This is natural!


South Korea’s most famous product, Philippine poetry, good quality, can also be sweat-absorbing waterproof, lasting makeup, a color, good extension, color is natural.


Mall limited time flash price as long as 19.9 yuan

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▽ 嘉 娜 – Kate Eye Shadow Br-2

Draw your eyebrows, let’s take a look at your eyes. No matter how much your eyes are, it is owed to you, and a fine eye makeup can make up into magic.

Today, Amway gives you this Kate eye shadow but hot all net.

The unique “plastic vertical pour” application of powder technology developed “skin-friendly powder formula”, the high integration of the skin’s skin is comfortable, as long as the “plastic eye nest” in the corner of the corner, that is, Can create a natural outline, showing a deep eye that highlights three-dimensional feelings.

Regardless of color combination, pearlescent or matte powder is very good, delicate and no flour. Especially adding matte shadow powder, used as nose. Powder is comparable to big cards, the price is extremely high!

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Full 69 minus 20 coupons, 79 yuan can be started


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Japan FX eye drops

Eye makeup is important, the inherent protection of the eyes cannot be ignored.

In the X-book, there are eight articles of the grass. This bottle of ophthalmic water bill is designed with all the eye drops on the market, and the rivers and lakes are known as the “Hermes” of the ophthalmic water industry.


In the eyes of the first time, I can’t accept this kind of ice-style cool. The second use will completely fall in love with this kind of comfort, eye fatigue, red blood, dryness, all the world Bright!

PS, glasses, office workers, after you have used it, it is estimated that you can never accept other eye drops!

Mall limited time flash price as long as 45 yuan


# 命 红, the most 人 色 # #

△ Italy Armani / Armani red tube enamel

I dare to say, choose it, will definitely let you 3 degrees!

Today, Amway gives you a red tube, texture is a velvet matte mist, and the mist of the mist is higher, the color difference between the thickness and thin, the color is higher than the black tube. Gorgeous.


Mall’s full 299 reduction of 100 coupons,

210 yuan can be started


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# 想 水光 muscle, skin care is less

△ Thailand Annabella / Anna Bella deep sea algae hydrating mask 10 pieces


Daily hydration, mask is 100% preferred.

Thailand An Na Bella Annabella, Main Plant Technology Skincare, its mask raw material supplier with Estee Lauder is the same, so in the beauty of the beauty circle is called “parity version of Estee Lauder”.

This algae mask is very thin, 0.1 mm day silk membrane to support 20 times spirulina, seaweed, snow grass beauty liquid, which is equivalent to giving skin a beautiful water.

Sunburbs, dry skin can be used directly as a hydrating first aid mask, the second day, the skin is bright, water, and makeup, make makeup more complain, reduce floating powder, acne muscles insist on using it. Acne marks.

So good and affordable, now


Mall limited time flash price as long as 39 yuan

▽ 黛 珂 – Zi Su water 150ml

Million blogger recommended 珂 紫水 is the artifact that is known as the closing of the mouth!

It can be said that it is very refreshing bottle of lotion, refreshing and thin, absorbing very fast, not greasy, not sticky, use in a clear cool, sunkashimonia is very powerful.

Suitable for mixed oil, oil skin, dried skin, all acne can be used in wet. Sisters who have hacked acne and closed problems must eat this Amway, insist on the effect!

258 yuan

You can start

Korea Unny Deep Cleansing Makeup Water 500ml

Dear babies! Remover is a skin care foundation, even if it does not make makeup, you need to make up!

Free heavy metals, cigarettes, dust, etc. in the air, will attach in the skin surface, thereby aggravating the burden of skin, bringing all kinds of skin problems.


Many babies will have a misunderstanding when choosing to makeup makeup products, and the makeup products must be selected according to their skin, the clean power of the cream and oil is strong, water! More refreshing!


Korea Unny Deep Cleansing Makeup Water

It is used in Jeju Island 535 meters deep spa water, and 8 natural plants are essential.

Makeup + moisturizing skin care + brighten skin tone three effects. It can be softened to soften, gentle makeup, sensitive muscle, acne muscle, pregnant women can be used.

It is the price of Bedma, 500ml superhand barrel, and use the mall over 69 minus 10 coupons, as long as


49 yuan

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# 发, 温 最 最 最 最 最

British Alpecin / European Qingcaine Shampoo A Series 250ml

Hairstyle is a major factor in changing the value, but the goose, we have more and more middle age, more and more dandruff, less hair, and less pitiful launches are not saved!

But with it, you have saved it off! Alpecin shampoo from Germany, using a hundred years of patented hair care technology and unique caffeine ingredients, so that your hair is more healthy!

Every time you wash your hair, the shampoo only stays for 2 minutes. The active factor can quickly go directly to the root root, activate the hair follicle and penetrate, so that the root is more tough, prevent hair loss, and insist on the use of new hair, absolutely surprise.

At the same time, the oil control factor is deeply cleaned to prevent the formation of new headfoldes, say goodbye to the dandruff, the oil head, washing out fluffy and refreshing hair, and the faint mint ingredients can soaked.

Mall limited time special price 55 yuan

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FINO-moisturizing hair mask 230g


In addition to bare, it is more embarrassing.

Numerous people Amway, species a savage of the Shiseido hair mask rich in vitamin E, plus 3 times a lot of hair care beauty liquid extract, with antioxidant effect, adjusting the hair of the hair layers, The hair has become moist and smooth.

With seven kinds of beauty liquids, in-depth penetration, moisturizing, retaining essential moisture, repair damaged hair, so that the hair is full of gloss, but also maintains the color of hair.


How to use: After shampoo, gently rub the water with a towel, and apply a proper amount of a particular damage to the part (the length of the long-haired person to take the two teaspoon) is evenly applied for about 5 minutes, and then clean up in water. (Even if you rinse immediately, there is also a great hair care)

Mall limited time special price

55 yuan

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# 美丽 要 内 内

Bifei sucking of short-sleeved Switch couple T-shirt


Hundreds of white t-shirts.

Now the black technology in the white T border is coming! This is a white t that does not grow, adopts imported nano waterproof fabric, patented nanohymoine technology, imitating the contained leaf drip, weaves the three generations of new fabrics, and there are hundreds of millions of silica. Particles, forming the isolation layer, letting tea stains, coffee stains, sauces, drinks and other white T natural enemies, 1 drop is not to seep.

Stubborn, such as sticky sauce, rinse with water, instantly white, wear it, wear it commute, out, travel, even eat hot pot, eat crayfish, don’t worry about clothes will be stained!

After the authority test, the anti-wet resistance of this T-shirt reached the highest standard of 5. Moreover, the same room temperature is compared with the cotton T-shirt, and its surface temperature is below 3.5 ° C. It can also enjoy cool breathable in wearing.

Mall is full of 69 reduction 20 coupons, only need




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▽ miiow cat ladies comfortable breathable soft mixed colored underwear 3 packs

I recently found that underwear is also divided into season! This ice silk panties, wear it cool, and sedentary will not cover it! Summer’s trousers are shiny, if it is usual underwear, there will be obvious traces, so good, but this panties use no trace design, and there is no such trouble.

Summer is the high inflammation period, so the nip is selected to use imported antibacterial technology cotton. Once I wore this underwear, I have been dry and cool.

And the price is also quite friendly

Mall 69 reduced 20 coupons, as long as

49 yuan 3

Wen dynasty good welfare!

It is said that paper towels are the most indispensable necessities!

Jie soft paper towel 3 packaging, two people,


I can take it! Hurry to pull your friends and family to buy, as long as the speed is fast enough, send you the C bit!

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