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Group | This year’s king fried sweater! Warm and covering meat, plush sweet sexy, 1 second get to cut male artifacts

As soon as winter, do you all do not leave your sweaters?

I wear so many sweaters, loose, tight, cute, elegant, and finally

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

I love blended mink hair more and more!

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

The upper body of the fluffy texture will have a fairy -like feeling. The fairy, the appearance will soften the effect ~

Comes with a sense of age and keep warm and comfortable. It is definitely the most indispensable sweater in winter!

Let me introduce a guarantee that you will be surprised to scream when you get your hands, look good and easy to wear

Blended mink hair V -neck sweater

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

Oh my god, this material is really

It’s so soft that it is more comfortable than the cat’s stomach.

It is absolutely okay to wear it, not hard or not.

The office sisters tried to penetrate, and the soft softened sister -in -law ~

The fluffy little white rabbit is just the same. Has the girl’s heart burst?

Compared with the serious work set, the small V -neck shows a little femininity, and it is invisible to the high -end Han.

The loose version is very meaty, the worship of the arm, the small belly, and the gangkin.

It is not a dream to wear 10 pounds!

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

The warmth is super good,

There must be three tops, which is 10 times warm than the sweater made of ordinary chemical fiber.

Wear it in winter and add a coat to go out! Light and slim, will not wear a bear ~

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Recommended reason:

1. Plush is super cute! 10 years old, 10 years old,

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

Sweet Male Wind


团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

Soft glutinous and smooth,

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

First -class feel, hanging ordinary knitted sweater

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器


One top three,

Warm, there is no need to keep warm underwear in winter

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

Plush super warm

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

One top three pieces, go out with a coat

This mixed mink sweater,

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

One thin piece = autumn clothing+sweater+warm clothes.

Warmly hanging ordinary knitted sweaters. If you want to be beautiful and elegant in winter, PICK is right!

You can go out with a jacket. Others are wrapped into bear in winter. You are still light and slim ~

The reason why it is so warm is because

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

The long needle hair of the mink velvet and the super fine knitting thread can form a static air layer!

You can firmly lock the heat, the warmer you wear!

Not only the temperature, but also heat ~

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

When the fluff and skin are friction, you can quickly emit heat energy.

The heat can be generated directly from the sweater.

Even if you are cold,

It can be warmed up for 3 seconds.

And its long velvet content is still huge,

The density is as high as 80, and the warmth is naturally three times the general sweater.

Alas, you see, this fluff can get the naked eye ~

You can also wear a single piece of temperature, like a walking hot blanket, it is warm at any time ~

Loose and thin 10 pounds

Little V -neck with femininity

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

It is not only warm, but who is also good -looking, it is not picky at all!

Small V -neck+loose version+fluffy, sweet and sexy, beautiful and seductive ~

Its V -neck design is simply a savior of the micro -star. It can extend the lines of the neck visually and looks more slender.

Revealing beautiful collarbone, inadvertently sexy.

Shoulder design

The slightly fat girl with a fleshy shoulder -wide arm is super friendly, covering the meat!

The loose waist can also cover the meat, the small belly, and the fake cents is done for a second.

Seeing our colleagues trying it on, not only is it not fat at all, but also 10 pounds!

Loose version

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

It is also very friendly to the young girls. You can play “the lower body disappearance” to wear, highlighting the petiteness.

Plush texture and cute sleeves, 100 points of sweetness, can be called the secret of cutting men!

Soferal and lighter than wool

Do not tie, do not get rid of hair, do not fall off

The most attractive point of this sweater is that it feels too! Shu! Clothes! La!

The material is Q bomb, smooth, soft and waxy texture ~

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器


Grab it on the face, it is soft, soft

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器


It was as comfortable and cute as if she was holding a lamb in her arms.

Persevere, it’s okay at all.

And not as heavy as traditional mink hair,

Instead, it is light and fluttering, and does not press it at all.

Put on the white system and wear it together, it’s really immortal ~

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

The most important thing is that it does not lose hair!

This kind of hairy clothes are most afraid of getting hair loss. They are all dandruff, and they are very expensive.

I have tested this one for you, no problem!

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

There were no hair for several times, not even floating hair.

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

It is also very convenient to take care of it!

Without the preciousness of fur, it can be washed and hand -washed. It does not drop the color and does not drop the hair. It is okay to mix with ordinary clothes.

The whole clothes are very soft and elastic, and you can control what kind of figure.

The neckline, hem, and cuffs are encrypted, which is firmly not deforming, and the pull will be quickly recovered.

Gentle four -color optional

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

Hundreds of styles, how to match it is beautiful

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

This sweater is available in total,

White, blue, pale yellow, caramel

Every one is sweet and versatile, not picking people ~

The white model is the most classic, and you can’t miss it! On the fluffy set, you are the big white rabbit toffee!

Sweet and sexy in the sweetness, which straight man can hold it ~

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

Light blue is very special. It is right to hate the dull color color of autumn and winter.

It is friendly to any skin color, and yellow skin and white skin can be controlled. It is also particularly small and fresh, just put on a jeans and small white shoes to be beautiful.

Light yellow is super gentle. Put with a light -colored half skirt, ten miles of spring breeze is not as good as you ~

This color is not available to the door, and the gentle and gentle ladies must come.

The caramel color will not make an error. Without complex wear, you can have a sense of autumn and winter atmosphere in 1 second.

Just put a small incense bag, you can wear high -end elegant feel ~

Introduce the two universal match for everyone:

Sweat and skirt, the best CP in autumn and winter! You can put everything!

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

With a pleated skirt, simple and elegant, very high -level. With a knitted skirt, gentle and intellectual; with a white gauze skirt, the girl feels sweet …

With light jeans, it can be beautiful without effort.

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

Jeans and sweaters are also perfect. It is simple and tasteful to wear. And more warmer than skirts, the sisters in the north can carry it.

The size is also complete, S/M/L/XL, because the version is loose, it is no problem to wear 130 catties.

Baby wearing mink hair knows that this material’s clothes move thousands of hundreds.

Searching for a certain treasure, it costs 350 yuan similar to us.

This high -quality sweater, we have helped everyone to cut two rounds, the price is absolutely cost -effective ~

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

The original price is 169 yuan, and the limited time is 99 yuan,

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

Blindly choosing a color can be beautiful.

团 | 今年的王炸毛衣来!保暖遮肉,毛绒绒甜美性感,1秒get到斩男神器

Identify the QR code and buy immediately

Identify the QR code and buy immediately