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Cross Endix Small Picture#

Tomorrow is the Mid -Autumn Festival, year after year, the days are always inadvertently passing by, and there are not many remaining in 2021.The outbreak of Fujian’s outbreak was tearful. The youngest was only 4 years old, and the strong villains looked sore.Children are the pure land that we have been working hard to protect, so we have unknowingly the move.The country is too difficult, the town is too difficult, and the children are too difficult.

十字绣小图#小兔子 乖乖

“Solid in a foreign country, you think about it every festival”, I hope you can not experience this kind of sadness.When the damn virus can end, let us return to the busy and ordinary life, the person we want to see, go to the land we want to go!Come on, children should cooperate with the work of doctors and nurses like a little rabbit, so that they can go home quickly to see their mother.

十字绣小图#小兔子 乖乖

Happy Mid -Autumn Festival!

The Chang’e Fairy is too complicated, let’s have a few obedient rabbits.Happy Mid-autumn Festival!They are all round and neatly with the people they want.