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How to identify the quality of black rice? Teach you 3 small methods, I hope you can learn to use it

Black rice, as the name suggests, is a black or dark brown rice. It is an ancient and precious rice variety in my country. It has rich nutrition. It is a grain that many people choose to choose. When eating black rice, some people choose to boil black rice into porridge, and some people make black rice into desserts. Of course, no matter what you eat, black rice can also play its health effect. So, what is the effect of black rice?

1. What is the effect of black rice?

Black rice is more nutritious than ordinary rice, because the various trace elements contained in black rice are higher than rice. And the lack of vitamin C, anthocyanins, chlorophyll, carotene, etc. in rice, but black rice contains. Frequent consumption of black rice can appetite and eliminate food, strengthen the spleen and liver, and promote blood circulation. And black is the main kidney meridian. Eating more black rice can nourish the kidney yang. Black rice can also be black. If there are young people with white hair, they can eat more black rice. Of course, women’s weakness can also be adjusted through black rice after giving birth.


2. Can pregnant women eat black rice?

The answer is yes on whether pregnant women can eat black rice. Compared to ordinary rice, black rice has higher nutritional value, so pregnant women can eat black rice, which can help the body supplement more and more comprehensive nutrition. During pregnancy, many women will have iron deficiency anemia, and eating more black rice can replenish blood. Therefore, if it is a pregnant woman with iron deficiency anemia, eat more black rice. Although you can eat more, you can’t eat it every day. When making black rice, you can add some nuts that you can eat red dates or pregnant women to make porridge together. This effect will be better and more delicious.

3. How to identify the quality of black rice?

1. Look at the appearance and color

Generally speaking, you can identify black rice through the appearance of black rice. If the black rice is viewed, and the size of the rice grains is very average. If there is no too much broken rice or no impurities, it can basically be judged that the quality of black rice is good. It should be noted that the inferior black rice on the market has dyed black rice. Generally, the outer layer of dyed black rice is black, but the embryo is still white. Therefore, you can scrape the surface of the black rice with your hands. If it is white, it is dyed black rice.

2. Smell the taste

You can take a small amount of black rice with your hands, and then you can smell the smell of Black rice immediately in a sigh of breath. If it is high -quality black rice, there will be a clear flavor. If there is a odor, such as the moldy smell and the smell of corruption, then it is inferior.

3. Taste the taste

You can take a small amount of black rice and try it in your mouth. If it is high -quality black rice, the taste will be a little sweet without any odor. However, if there is no taste or sour or bitter taste, then these black rice is inferior.

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