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Baohua Weijian 707s2 Bookstore Family Cinema HIFI Specification High -fidelity Real Fever Wood Class

As a brand of high -end positioning, Baohua Weijian has many excellent products, including the 700 series shelf speakers today. Baohua Weijian 707s2 is a good product as an excellent product. Membrane treble, Continuum vibration pot, Folwport air -flow guide hole, Matrix matrix structure, dictators and so on.


The appearance is the density board in the wood texture MDF, which makes the entire box look calm.


The 1 -inch carbon membrane hemispherical treble unit is a new technology developed for the 700 series. Through the reform of the aluminum -made dual -ball top high -sound unit, the cracking value rises to 47kHz to make its sound more immersive.


The 5 -inch medium and low -sound units use the Continuum vibration membrane and the aluminum bracket optimized by FEA, so that its sound has higher control and clearer and broad medium and low -sound performance.

To sum up, Baohua Weijian 707S2 has high -quality and high -quality materials. Of course, the design of the box is also very important. After all, the brand plus the price is placed there, and the connection method is also connected from the Vandenhul customized from the Netherlands, and it is even more than the Dutch, and it is even more. It has increased Bao Hua Wei Jian’s uncomfortableness of one box and front line. Buying a tripod can be placed in the living room to enjoy.