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How much is the price of ANCE scarf? 1200 yuan a price is expensive

The ACNE Studios scarf is almost explosive, selling very hot. Let’s take a look together

How much is the price of ANCE scarf


It is reported that ANCE scarves are 1,200 yuan, which is expensive.

ANCE Studio scarves have been hot in recent years. I personally like simple and excellent things.

ance围巾价格多少钱 1200元一条价格不菲

1. Gray is cashmere, so it will be more expensive.

2. I bought two, one narrow and one big size, because the word “works”.

3. Caramel color is the color that I bought later. It turns out that this color is not easy to match for my clothes, so the utilization rate is not high. I have to say that ACNE is a brand that pays attention to the Chinese market. First of all, the price is not higher than that of other countries (except cashmere). In fact, the official website will be shipped by Sweden direct mail (although waiting for the customs declaration for a long time).

The price of these scarves in P.S is actually due to the changes in the real -time exchange rate, which is not why Rou sells more expensive than the official website.

How about ANCE Studio scarf

The ACNE Studios scarf is almost explosive now, it is a person, to be honest, it is a basic model, but it is very beautiful! This is the first one I am in. Choose gray because it is versatile, because it is pure wool, so it is so wool, so it is so wool, so it ’s so wool so it’ s so wool. When I first received it, I was a bit tumbling, but the fried chicken was warm when I surrounded it ~ It ’s about 1k of more than 1K on the Internet. The photos were taken when I first received it, and it was not very good!

This sincerely is a autumn and winter single product that fried chicken fire this year. It is a concave weapon for celebrities. The 100%wool feel is very soft and comfortable. The warmth is also very practical. Buy it directly on the official website of foreign countries, and the freight for sending 100 soft girl coins in China is OK; in fact, it is convenient to collect it directly on foreign websites. Moreover, a certain treasure can be bought on the official website directly; but you still need to talk about it. Essence

How much is the price of ANCE scarf