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How to open Hawaii?

Hawaii has rich nutrition and flavor. It is a very good health nut.

However, it is too difficult to enter. The thick and hard shell is only about 1mm of small and half lonely incisions. If you want to eat white and fragrant nuts inside, you have to start from here. The Hawaii fruit at home was issued by the company during the Spring Festival, and the nuts received at the same time were destroyed. Only this Hawaii fruit was placed here, watching it worrying.

Today decided to overcome it.

The little mouth on the fruit of Hawaii burst out after the fruit matured. However, there are also fruit that is not open, and the merchant artificially cuts it with similar cracks to facilitate consumption.


But this little mouth basically has no effect and can’t pry. First use the walnut clip to make it impossible, and use the clip of a walnut to open one for a long time. After a few clips, you are tired of sweating.

Use teeth? That’s not okay, planting a teeth more than 10,000, the price is too high.

The most direct idea is to throw it away. But the bearer that has been taken out is really delicious, and it is a pity to throw it away.

Take a break and then die with it.

I do n’t know which master has a high trick to open Shawai.