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The 150,000 -level joint venture SUV “Ken Ken Choice”! Which version of Dongfeng Nissan Qashqai is most cost -effective?

Nowadays, the 150,000 -level SUV models are increasing, especially for independent brands, newcomers such as Xingyue L and Haval Dogs have entered the market, but in the end, it is difficult to shake the joint venture market with a budget. In the 150,000 budget range, the sales of joint venture SUVs such as Honda XR-V, Binzhi, and Japanese Qashqai accounted for their heads.


As the best sales of Nissan’s sales, Qashqai’s performance has always been quite stable. With the characteristics of large space and cost -effectiveness, it has won the attention of many family users. It can be said that it is a high -quality choice for home SUVs in the 150,000 level. Overseas, related news has revealed that a new generation of Qashqai may introduce Dongfeng Japanese production production next year, which means that the 2022 Qashqai currently on sale will become the last model before the replacement.

At present, the 2022 Nissan Qashqai has launched a total of 4 versions of models, with a guidance price of RMB 15.49-188,900, but some regions have decentralized a certain preferential amplitude. First of all, from the appearance point of view, the four versions of Qashqai use the same design style. The front face follows the iconic V-Motion design style, and it has a certain degree of recognition with a fierce headlight design. In addition, the overall body lines of Qashqai are round and dynamic, and a pair of female drivers can also hold it.


In the interior part, the design of the four versions of the four versions is almost the same. Although the interior texture is not high -level, some practical interior configurations such as central control screens and physical buttons are all equipped. Instead, it will be easier to operate than some configurations that embed the entity button into dual -screen and super large screens.

As a home -based SUV, of course, the space in the car is also the most concerned place for consumers. Compared with the Honda XR-V/Binzhi, Toyota C-HR/Yize, the equivalent SUV of the same price range, the space performance is the biggest advantage of Qashqai. The length, width and height are 4401/1837/1593mm, and the wheelbase is 2646mm. Qashi can ensure better rear space.

On the power system, the 2022 Qashqai is still equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated four -cylinder engine, which is matched with the CVT gearbox. While ensuring that the power is sufficient, it can also meet the smooth driving experience.

In terms of chassis, the 2022 Qashqai uses the front McPherson rear multi -link independent suspension. Compared with Honda Binzhi, XRV, etc., the rear torque beam -type non -independent suspension uses the same level. More advanced, higher ground clearance can also ensure stronger passability.

The above is almost the same place in the four versions of the 2022 Dongfeng Nissan Qashqai, mainly the difference in configuration. Today, let’s analyze the differences between the versions of this Qashqai model. See which model version is the most recommended.


2022 Qashqai 2.0L CVT XV Zhixiang Edition

Recommended index: ★★★★

作为丐版车型,智享版逍客当然就是四版本车型里配置最少的,但2022款车型却增加了不少新配置,像自动大灯、智能钥匙、一键启动、远程启动空调、双区自动Air conditioning, imitation leather seats, etc., make the beggar models look too vegetarian.

In addition, before Qashqai changed its models, the smart version of the model already had reversing images, keyless entry function, rear central armrest, PM2.5 filtering device, etc. In the same price range joint venture SUV model, Qashqai’s configuration advantage advantages It is also quite obvious. In the Zhixiang Edition, it is a pity that the headlights and fog lights are halogen, and the steering wheel is made of plastic. The configuration of the cruise system, sunroof, parking radar and other configurations are lacking. Therefore, when the budget is indeed relatively small, the Qashqai Zhixiang Edition may also be a good choice, but it is necessary to prepare less configuration. Take a comprehensive look at the smart version of the Qashi recommendation index. Essence

2022 Qashqai 2.0L CVT XV Prem. Luxury Edition

Recommended index: ★★★★★


Next, take a look at the second configuration. The 2022 Qashqai luxury version also adds automatic headlights, dual -zone automatic air conditioners, and remote starting air conditioners. Usually when traveling with more luggage, the practicality of the luggage rack can be perfectly prominent.

The reason for the five -star recommendation index is because the luxurious version of Qashqai is the most cost -effective model in all configurations. The starting price of 168,800 yuan, coupled with the preferential amplitude of some areas, maybe it is just stuck at the critical point of 150,000, which is just a good choice for the first model of petty home users.


豪华版的逍客无论是在辅助配置还是内饰质感上都与智享版高出一个级别,搭载了前后驻车雷达、360度全景影像、定速巡航、主动刹车等辅助配置,以及天窗、真皮The comfort configuration of seats, leather steering wheels, and main driving seat electric adjustment, etc., is only about 10,000 more expensive than the minimum. It has a high cost performance.

2022 Qashqai 2.0L CVT XV Luxury Pilot Edition


Recommended index: ★★★


Compared with the luxury version of the 2022 Qashqai luxury pilot version, the price increases 5,000 yuan, increasing the lane maintaining assistance system, ACC adaptive cruise, automatic parking, etc., and less changes. In fact, having an ACC adaptive cruise configuration on the daily congested urban road can reduce the driving fatigue of the driver. If you care about the configuration, you can also choose the luxury pilot version directly, but if the speed cruise can meet the situation you require In the following, the luxurious version of Qashqai is more recommended.


2022 Qashqai 2.0L CVT XV Top flagship version

Recommended index: ★★


There is also the last top -equipped model Qashqai flagship version, but this version of the model is the least recommended among the four models. The main reason is that of course it is too high for its 188,900 yuan. To the more space and more power, Qijun. From the perspective of configuration, this version of the model is basically just replaced with larger tires and increased the heating function of the front seats, which is relatively low. The cost is relatively low.


Write in the last words:


In general, after detailed analysis and comparison of four versions of models, the most recommended model version is the 2022 Qashqai 2.0L CVT XV PREM. Deluxe version selling for 168,800 yuan. The 2022 Qashqai has gradually put a discount. If you can accept this design, friends who are more keen on the self -priming engine may wish to make an appointment experience in the store before the new generation of Qashqai comes to buy a more affordable Nissan Qashqai.