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Novel: “Daddy, I want to pull Baba.”

Five years later.

“Daddy, I want to pull Baba.”

On the conference hall, a tender voice sounded, and the little girl blinked a pair of big eyes, looking at Shen Matting, her grieving little face was cute.

The senior management of the surroundings also seemed to be accustomed to it, and silently stopped the hands on the keyboard waiting for the highest person in charge of the Shen’s Group, Shen President Shen personally wiped his baby daughter.

Since the sensational divorce of five years ago, Shen Matting suddenly became a golden single man in the entire city of A.

Despite the twice of divorce, after all, the appearance and net worth are there.

The money that wants to marry into the Shen family is one after another.

But Shen Matting is like a sudden not interested in women. Even the outside world still has a lot of rumors to say whether Shen Matting will transform and like men, otherwise it will not be in a man’s pile all day, just All the secretaries of the Shen Group were replaced by men, making senior officials from all over the company.

There are their own mother and tiger in the family. They finally wanted to make a beautiful little secret to appreciate it, but they couldn’t hold the entire company as a male secretary.

The boss couldn’t bear it, but he couldn’t bear it.

However, in the past five years, the cause of the Shen Group has been booming. It has already become the largest group in Huaxia and has almost developed into a major chaebol.

In addition, Shen Matting’s pet daughter is also famous.

Regardless of whether it is a business trip or a meeting in the company, even if you go out to meet or attend the banquet, as long as Shen Matting is in, there will always be the little guy. That’s also a common thing.

Shen Matting’s pet daughter is outrageous, but she is helpless.

Not to mention, how many people are envious of Shen Ruchu’s young age but have been spoiled.

The little guy on the toilet was grievance.

Shen Matting saw this distressed, and squatted down and coaxed patiently: “What’s wrong?”

“Daddy, I’m sorry … the first child didn’t want to disturb you, but the first child couldn’t hold it … will your uncle have any opinions on you … I’m sorry …”

Listening to the apology of the little guy, Shen Matting felt that her heart had gone.

Outsiders said that Xiao Ru was spoiled, but who knows that this child is so sensible. The reason why she spoils her to the sky is just to make up for her inner guilt.

Hearing the little guy said that, Shen Matting was not a taste in his heart.

“Rest assured baby, no. Nothing is more important than being with you. You are the most important thing now!”

“But if Mommy is there, you don’t have to work so hard. I know that Daddy is not assured to give me other people, but if Mommy is there, Daddy, can you rest assured?”

Shen Moting was silent in an instant, and after a long time, he asked, “Did you want Mommy?”

The little guy didn’t squeak.

But Shen Matting saw that no matter how good he was, the growth of the little girl had always needed the mother of her mother. If the star was there, the first child would have a happier childhood.


That man had already left them …

Everything he can give is the existence of that person after all.

Tianxing …

If you are there, how good it is.