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How to buy Casio Piano? Casio EPS130/PX770/PXS1000/AP710/GP510

Hello everyone, I am the amateur Hudi who played the piano. I usually like to study the electric piano and the piano. Everyone has a lot of doubts when buying a piano. This article is the Casio Electric piano series evaluation, tangled friends understood after reading it.

In this mediocre world, there is a moment that you can focus on music without disturbing others. Electric piano is the best choice.

When collapsed, when you need to relieve your emotions, when you miss the real steel, when you are boring, you will not just nest in the quilt to brush the short video ~~


Speaking of Casio, everyone may be the watch, or calculators. In addition to these products, Casio also has a good development in the field of electronic instruments. Today, let’s talk about the Cascio Electric Piano series together ~

Although there are many models of Casio, each series has its own selling point.

EP series:


, EP-S130, EP-S320, EP-S330

CDP series: CDP-S100, CDPS110, CDP-S150, etc.

The CDP and EP series are mainly entry+portable. Friends with two or three thousand budgets can consider these two series of electric piano.

Privia series: PX-770, PX-870

, PX-S1000

, PX-S3000, etc. This series focuses on fashion, intelligence, portable, and value party.

Celviano series: AP470, AP700,



Celviano Grand Hybrid series: GP-300, GP310, GP500,



If the budget is sufficient, you can consider the above two series. The keyboards of Celviano Grand Hybrid series are not small. The keyboard materials and craftsmanship comes from the Bohis nine -foot triangle piano. Although the price is more expensive, the actual experience will be very large. promote!

Simple popular science:

Tight noise

-The keyboard pressing the sound of rebounding. When the sound of the electric piano is relatively loud, the key noise is not very able to hear.


-In the number of notes that can be issued at the same time, it is a parameter of the built -in sound card of the electric steel. Generally, there are 64,128, 192, 256. If the number of recreational sounds is too small, the sound of some musical instruments may not hear it. Primary 64 is generally 64 is 64. For enough, novices may not be distinguished.

Electric piano generally uses three -dimensional sound samples. Sometimes each sound requires two notes. If we use pedals, or reverberations at the same time, and beats, etc., these will occupy the notes. When the upper limit of the recreational sound, the electric piano will not handle the earliest played notes in order to release the space of the new note, so it will affect the fullness of the sound. Sometimes 64 or 128 recreational number will receive restrictions, so it is necessary The number of recreation of higher configuration.



: The general power is 6W, 8W, 13W, 20W, the larger the value, the more naturally, the more people can be reflected.

Focus on the next few models that discuss hot discussions:

Casio EP-S130

small volume

(I heard that it is the smallest electric steel on the entire network)


For entry, it is more than enough, and it is also suitable for the rental party & study party.

Size: 1.32*0.23*0.99 meters, the edge can be on the corner of the corner to increase the spatial utilization rate

Sound color: 64 recreational number, 10 sounds, reverberation 4, chorus 4

Keyboard: 88 key gradual hammer heavy hammer weight keyboard, imitation sandalwood and ivory keys, delicate ripple non -slip piano keys, three -pass sensor

There is no foundation or talent, but don’t be afraid of trying. No one makes any requirements for you. Whether your notes play are full or dry. It is not important. Getting happiness from it is your attitude towards life ~

Chinese panel, sub -light shell, is not easy to leave fingerprints, the body is only 99mm,

Weight: about 10.5kg, 2 speakers, 8W.

Casio PX770


: 88 keys, the second -generation 3 sensor step by step weight keyboard, imitation ivory and imitation sandalwood piano keys, and the third -level strength can be adjusted. The key to the piano bounce is fast, the piano key texture is the same as 760. The keys are soft, suitable for friends with weak fingers.

The same is also the surface of the ripple key, 128 vocal number


: Including 6 kinds of piano sounds, a total of 19 kinds of selected sounds, the sound is a bit small. Even if it is the maximum sound, it is enough to protect the ears, haha.

Have a piano

It is not as good as Yamaha on learning APP and is suitable for small partners who have less demand for electric piano.

Although there are disadvantages, the appearance is good -looking and small. Color: black and white.

If you install it, a girl is enough ~ 31.5kg, 2 speakers, 8W power.

If you compare 770 and 880, 770 is enough, and 880 has better sound quality.

Casio PX-S1000

Be able to pretend


Use, you can also use it where it is inconvenient to find a plug. You can also use 6 AAA batteries. For example, you can enjoy the sunrise while practicing the piano on the balcony. Sea pianist, play a early work of Mozart ~~~~~

More appearance


One point, the red is enthusiastic, the black is elegant, the one -hand can be mentioned

Let’s listen to the video:

Video evaluation and playback order (time-1 minutes):

1 High -tech bass field test: The difference between the piano bass, the middle, and the tone of the piano bass.

2 Broken: It is easier to hear the sound of the piano.

3 Power induction: It is the difference between the severity you play. (Including the strength of the inside)

4 Keep the noise: The degree of noise everyone accepts different degrees, and it is more accurate to go to the scene.

5 Playing a piece of song

Video loading …

: 88 keys step -by -step weight, SSH gradual weight keyboard, can only hit the string machine design, which does not affect the play and greatly shorten the size of the keyboard. The keys of the ivory and sandalwood, the level 5 of the level 5,

Keyboard has

Non -slip

Design, friends who love sweating will have better control, and will also make the played music vitality.

Tone: Very sound


Because Casio is not like other Yamaha or Cavai, he produces his piano and samples with his own piano. Casio itself does not make real steel, so the sound is sampled with piano sounds in Germany or Australia. Bass is weak, the maximum recovery number


, Eight built -in sound, 8 kinds of reverberation. 60 built -in music,

Powerful functionality, Casio itself is an electronic product, so this is not the same as other homes. It can be connected to Bluetooth. For example, you can use electrical steel to release the music in the mobile phone, which can accompany music at the same time, but other homes also have this feature. Minimalist touch screen control, no raised buttons, turn off the LED without any key prompt

If you play your own, you can use the wall and let the sound reflect back. It is very thin and thick.

I think this piano is compared to others


It is the most dominant. It is very streamlined at home. There is no big gap in other words, just one of my own ideas, only for reference.

Weight: about 11.2kg, 2 speakers, 10W power

Casio PXS3000

There is a display more than PSX1000, a variety of sounds and accompaniment

The built -in sound is 700, and the remaining keyboards, tone, weight, size, are not much different.

Casio AP-710

10,000 yuan high -end electric piano, sub -light scrub appearance

The Casio AP-710, GP-310, GP-510 was developed and developed with the Piano Piano in Germany.

: The second -generation 3 sensor -level weight keyboard, the third -level strength is adjustable, the white ivory ebony style keyboard

: Set 3 legendary sounds in one body (Berlin, Burger, Vienna triangle piano), 256 recharge, 26 built -in sound, built -in 60 music, built -in 15 symphony music. The sound source is the AIR GRAND triangle piano sound source.

Watch the video:

The top cover can be opened, and 99 songs can be recorded, about 25 minutes each,

Light 48kg, black color, 6 speakers, amplifier output 28W

Casio GP-510

The appearance is doing

Black mirror

Design, very textured

Natural hammer action keyboard, which uses the materials used by modern platform piano, combines wooden keys and exclusive development of piano keys, to thoroughly pursue different sound time points between each sound field, and fully presents the platform piano -like performance tension and tension and tension and piano -like performance tension and Real feedback.

The piano’s fulcrum is exactly the same as the triangular piano. The intimate and familiar touch can feel very comfortable and confident.

In addition, when the playback force is relatively heavy, you can also simulate the most appropriate pronunciation time. Even when playing highly difficult vibrato, recharge, and continuous and fast playing music, you can also show the strength of the piano sound delicately. The weak performance, faithfully presenting the performance of the performers.

Air Grand 音源,内置了柏林、汉堡以及维也纳三大平台钢琴的音色,融合世界三大平台钢琴音色特质于一身的air grand source音源系统,256复音数,35种内置音色,60首内置乐曲库,我们一Listen to the demonstration.

The pedal system can show delicate sounds and long sounds according to the pressure of the affordable pressure, as well

Semi -pedal


The function of the player can be adjusted according to the player’s habit.

You can manually switch the piano board on the piano. Its position not only affects the sound of the upper speaker conduction, but can more accurately present the sound quality of the platform piano.


One horn, two upwards, the main speakers of the two downward, and the twin of the tweeter facing us. Powerful sound. The three -dimensional resonance makes everyone sound more like a platform piano.

With the function of recording, you can record the common stereo sound files on the market with USB. The recorded sound files can also be stored on the computer, or it is recorded into a CD or other storage interface.

Weight: 77.5kg; amplifier output 30W; Size: 1.4340.489*0.963m

I saw such a sentence today, “It’s a pity, just like doing what I like now.”

Do you have such courage, do you want to spend together, singing for life.

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